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  1. Banking & Finance No Question Answer What is CRR? a) Cash Reserve Ratio b) Current Ratio Rate 1 a c) Review Report d) Credit Rating Record e) None of these Interest rates? being charged by Banks in India has shown trend in recent year. a) Falling b) Rising 2 a c) Stable d) Volatile e) None of these The first development financial institution in India that has got merged with a bank is a) IDBI b) ICICI 3 b c) IDFC d) UTI e) None of these Who is the chairman of Pension Fund Committee? a) S.A. Dave b) A.N. Joshi 4 a c) C. Ramarajan d) C.N. Bhattacharya e) None of these Which of the following NBFC converted itself into a commercial Bank? 5 d a) Tata Finance GiangBLOG www.giangblog.com
  2. b) Reliance Capital Trust c) Birla Mutual d) Kotak Mahindra e) None of these Which is the current revision & year of UCPDC? a) UCPDC 500, 1993 6 b) UCODC 400, 1993 a c) UCPDC 300, 1973 d) None of these The rate of which discounting the bills of first class banks is done by RBI is called a) Bank Rate 7 b) Prime Lending Rate a c) Loan Rate d) Discounting Rate Banking ombudsman has been constituted under which act? a) Banking Regulation Act 8 b) RBI Act a c) SBI Act d) COPRA Which finance company has been given banking licence by RBI recently a) Kotak Mahindra b) Ashok Leyland & Finance 9 a c) TVS Finance d) Tata Finance e) None of these Gilt edged securities refer to a) Government Securities 10 b) Securities issued by municipal corporations c c) Securities issued by first class companies d) None of these GiangBLOG www.giangblog.com
  3. A unit of the Unit Trust of India is a a) Share 11 b) Debenture d c) Negotiable Instrument d) None of these Indian Banks Association (IBA) has a common net working system for sharing the ATM facilities in Mumbai, which is known as a) ATM Network 12 b b) Shared Payment Network System c) Cash Network d) None of these The present rate of SLR & CRR are a) 15%, 5% b) 25%, 5.5% 13 c c) 25%, 4.5% d) 30%, 6% e) None of these Arbitrage is a) Buying and selling in two markets simultaneously b) A rate of interest 15 a c) A Fee d) Arbitrage is a dispute e) None of these The Basic Travelling quota for going abroad is a) USD 10,000 b) USD 5,000 16 a c) USD 20,000 d) USD 15,000/- e) No ceiling E E F C denotes 17 a GiangBLOG www.giangblog.com
  4. a) Exchange Earners Foreign Currency Account b) Importer?s account with Bank c) Account maintained by a exporter with RBI d) None of these For which of the following currencies is the Indian rupee quoted against 100 units of the foreign currency a) Deutsche Mark 18 c b) Pound c) Japanese Yen d) US Dollars Exchange risk in case of foreign currency Non Resident (Banks) scheme (FCNB) is borne by a) RBI b) Depositor 19 d c) Govt. of India d) Concerned Bank e) None of these Which of these is not a credit rating agency? a) Moody?s b) Standard & Poor?s 20 c c) Price water house d) ICRA e) None of these Consortium Advances refer to a) Concurrent borrowings b) Multiple financing 22 c c) Joint Financing by more than one bank d) Financing of consignment business e) None of these Pari Passu charge refers to a charge 23 c a) Ranking in priority, regardless of quantum of advances GiangBLOG www.giangblog.com
  5. b) Merely notional in nature c) Ranking equally in priority in proportion to the lender?s share of advance d) None of these NABARD refinance for financing Self Help Groups is to the extent of a) 25% b) 50% 24 d c) 75% d) 100% e) None of these The term ?Allonge? refers to a) The sheets of paper used in writing a deed e) The stamps affixed on document f) A sheet of paper attached to mortgage deed for the 25 d Purpose of witness d) A sheet of papers attached to a negotiable instrument for the purpose of making endorsement thereof when there is no space in the instrument The provision of Consumer Protection Act, 1986 are applicable to the services rendered by the Banks a) To the customers of the bank only 26 b) To the customers and the users of services irrespective of against c consideration or free services c) To the customers and any user of Bank?s services against consideration d) None of these As per section 16 of the Banking Regulation Act, 1949 a person can be appointed as a director of how many banking companies a) Three b) Two 27 c c) One d) Four e) None of these 28 Nayak Committee Recommendations are applicable for sanction of Fund Based d GiangBLOG www.giangblog.com
  6. Working Capital Limit upto a) Rs.25 lacs b) Rs.1 crores c) Rs. 2 crores d) Rs. 5 crores e) None of these What are the four categories as per Kapur Committee recommendations for loan applications under SSI segment a) upto 2 lacs, upto 15 lacs, upto 25 lacs, and above 25 lacs b) upto 10 lacs, upto 25 lacs, upto 50 lacs and above 50 lacs 29 a c) upto 2 lacs, upto 1 crores, upto 2 crores, and above 2 crores d) upto 2 crores, upto 25 crores, upto 50 crores and above 50 crores e) None of these The code of Fair Banking Practice ?Towards Excellence? and general terms and conditions of service came into effect from a) 01.07.97 30 c b) 01.08.97 c) 01.10.97 d) None of these Banking ombudsman means a) Person appointed to recover dues from defaulting borrowers b) A person to whom customer can approach for redress of his grievances 31 b c) A person appointed to settle dispute between employees and management d) A person appointed by RBI to oversee the functioning of Foreign Banks e) None of these NGO is the term associated with a) SHG b) PMRY 33 a c) SEEUY d) Agri. Advances e) None of these GiangBLOG www.giangblog.com
  7. Member of ?Credit Information Bureau of India Ltd.? Are a) SBI, HDFC, Dun & Bradsheet, Trans Union b) ICICI, UTI, SBI, Trans Union 34 a c) PNB, SBI, HDFC, Dun & Bradsheet d) HDFC, PNB, Dun & Brandsheet, Trans union e) None of these Full form of SLR a) Statutory Liquidity Ratio 35 b) State Level Recovery a c) Sundry Leverage Ratio d) State Liquity Reserve C.R.A. is banking parlance stands for a) Credit Rating Association 36 b) Credit Rating Agency c c) Credit Risk Assessment d) None of these E.P.S. in share market stands for a) Earning per share b) Electronic Payment System 37 a c) Employee Pension Scroll d) Equated Payment System e) None of these Who is the Governor of RBI a) Bimal Jalan b) Y V Reddy 38 b c) K J Udeshi d) Ranga Reddy e) None of these The Securitisation and Reconstruction of Financial Asset and enforce of Security 39 Interest Act came into force from b GiangBLOG www.giangblog.com
  8. a) 21.08.02 b) 21.06.02 c) 21.07.02 d) 21.12.02 e) None of these The powers of the Board of Directors to borrow from the bank are mentioned in a) Article of Association b) Memorandum of Association 40 b c) Special Resolution d) A & B e) None of these The currency ?Euro? has been introduced w.e.f. a) 01.01.99 b) 01.01.2000 41 a c) 01.08.99 d) 01.03.99 e) None of these Which Bank is ranked 7th India Company in the ET 2003 for listing as per market capitalization? a) ICICI 43 c b) HDFC c) SBI d) BOB Who is authorised to permit premature closer of PPF A/c a) RBI 44 b) Ministry of finance Department of Economic affairs b c) Chairman of concerning Bank d) None of these Which Bank has introduced ?Pre-paid Card? first 45 a a) OBC GiangBLOG www.giangblog.com
  9. b) BOB c) Corporation Bank d) SBI e) None of these What is USGAAP a) United States Generally Accepted Accounting Principles 46 b) Union State Generous Agreement & Accounting Principles a c) United State General Allies & Army Practices e) Union State Generous Accounts & Affairs and Practices For Business process re-engineering and IT strategy which bank has employed ?Gartner? a) BOB b) SBI 47 a c) PNB d) BOM e) None of these What is the average percentage of Banking transactions through non- branch route in private sector Banks a) 50% b) 60% 48 c c) 70% d) 65% e) None of these The C D Ratio of all schedule commercial Banks as on June 2003 stood at a) 51% b) 57% 50 b c) 53% d) 65% e) None of these Recently ICICI issued winding up notice to the following financial institutions 51 c a) IDBI GiangBLOG www.giangblog.com
  10. b) MSFC c) IFCI d) SICOM e) None of these The Gross NPA percentage of the following country is highest in Asia a) India b) China 52 b c) Malaysia d) Indonesia e) None of these The gross amount of NPA of Public Sector Banks as on 31.03.03 is a) Rs.82,071 crores b) Rs. 54,086 crores 53 b c) Rs. 58,067 crores d) Rs. 46,738 crores e) None of these How many foreign Banks are operating in India a) 30 b) 25 54 c c) 20 d) 35 e) None of these To be categorized as a schedule Bank the minimum capital & reserve required is a) Rs. 10 lacs b) Rs. 5 lacs 55 b c) Rs. 20 lacs d) Rs. 7 lacs e) None of these NRE deposit rates have been recently lowered to 56 a a) LIBOR + .25 GiangBLOG www.giangblog.com
  11. b) LIBOR + .20 c) LIBOR + .30 d) LIBOR + .50 The objective of Government to appoint Narsimhan Committee is a) To strengthen the banking system 57 b) To improve customer service a c) To strengthen the credit portfolio d) None of these Which Bank has recently tied up with Apollo Hospital for financing medical facilities a) ICICI b) HDFC 58 d c) BOB d) SBI e) None of these The three banks recently have entered in a Mega ATM sharing pact. They are a) SBI, ICICI, & BOB b) SBI, ICICI, HDFC 59 b c) ICICI, Andhra Bank, HDFC d) Andhra Bank, Canara Bank, SBI e) None of these Who is authorised to issue coin in India a) RBI 60 b) Ministry of Finance b c) SBI d) None of these The minimum Capital Adequacy Ratio currently fixed by RBI for Banks is a) 12% 61 c b) 10% c) 9% GiangBLOG www.giangblog.com
  12. d) 11% e) None of these The full form of RBS is a)Risk Based Supervision 62 b)Rating by System a c)Role Based Supervision d)Rating Bank Security RBI has recently permitted which Bank to participate in the Government Securities Repo Market a)SBI 63 b b)UTI c)ICICI d)PNB Second Basle Accord is proposed to be implemented in the year a)2005 64 b)2003 a c)2004 d)2006 The ceiling for Bank?s daily borrowings in Call Money should not exceed % of owned funds a)100% 65 a b)50% c)75% d)150% The fiscal deficit in 2001-2002 was % of GDP a)5.1% 66 b)5.3% d c)5.5% d)5.4% Indian Companies have been allowed to invest upto US$ abroad 67 a a)10 million GiangBLOG www.giangblog.com
  13. b)15 million c)5 million d)20 million Under the Banking Ombudsman scheme the value of claim should not exceed a)5 lac 68 b)10 lac d c)15 lac d)20 lac At what frequency can Banks pay interest on Saving Bank Account as per RBI guidelines a)Monthly 69 c b)Quarterly c)Half ? Yearly d)Yearly Who can fix the interest rates of NRE & FCNB deposits ? a) RBI 71 b) Banks, as per the directive of RBI b c) Govt. of India e) IBA The following is not a housing finance intermediary agency a) HDFC 72 b) HUDCO d c) NHB e) SICOM Bank can change interest rate without reference to its PLR in the following a)Housing loans 73 b) NRE/ FCNB deposits b c) Personal loans d)Educational loans The maximum penal rate of interest that can be charged is restricted to 74 c a) 2 % GiangBLOG www.giangblog.com
  14. b) 3 % c) Maximum spread announced over PLR d) 5 % Banks can change rate of interest beyond spread announced by them on advances granted to a) Film companies 75 c b) Chit funds c) NBFC s d) Hotels To which category of customers are banks prohibited to sanction loans against shares and debentures ? a) Institutions 76 d b) PSUs c) Banks d) Trust and endowments Which kind of bills should not be discounted by banks as per RBI regulation ? a) Customs duty 77 b) Installation charges a c) Sale of goods d) Purchase of books What should be the method of valuation for advances against shares/debentures / bonds ? a) Face value 78 b b) Market price c) Book Value d) Average Value What action is taken if one of the customers tenders forged note ? a) He is sent to prison 79 b) Note is returned with remark, forged note c c) Note is impounded d) Note is torn A contract of insurance is a contract of 80. a GiangBLOG www.giangblog.com
  15. a) Indemnity b) Pledge c) Guarantee d) Hypothecation Restriction on number of partners in a firm is imposed by a) Indian Companies Act 1956 81. b) Indian Partnership Act 1932 b c) Indian Contract Act 1872 d) None of these The certificate to commence business is to be called for perusal and returned for opening of an account of a) Public limited company 82. a b) Club and association c) Private limited company d) Trust Which of the following is not a measure of the profitability of the branch? a) GRR 83 b) Expenses ratio c c) Business per employee d) Net profit per Employee Where is the headquarters of SWIFT ? a) Hong Kong 84 b) Brussels b c) London d) Mumbai The VSAT communication network for banks and financial institutions launched by RBI is known as a) SWIFT 85 d b) SBI NET c) BANK NET d) INFINET GiangBLOG www.giangblog.com