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  1. ĐỌC HIỂU – TRèNH ĐỘ B I. TRUE/FALSE 1. TEST 1 The Digital Divide A recent survey has shown that the number of people in the United Kingdom who do not intend to get internet access has risen. These people, who are known as 'net refuseniks', make up 44% of UK households, or 11.2 million people in total. The research also showed that more than 70 percent of these people said that they were not interested in getting connected to the internet. This number has risen from just over 50% in 2005, with most giving lack of computer skills as a reason for not getting internet access, though some also said it was because of the cost. More and more people are getting broadband and high speed net is available almost everywhere in the UK, but there are still a significant number of people who refuse to take the first step. The cost of getting online is going down and internet speeds are increasing, so many see the main challenge to be explaining the relevance of the internet to this group. This would encourage them to get connected before they are left too far behind. The gap between those who have access to and use the internet is the digital divide, and if the gap continues to widen, those without access will get left behind and miss out on many opportunities, especially in their careers. Lựa chọn cõu trả lời đỳng nhất: 1. More people in the UK do not intend to get internet access than before. A. True B. False 2. The majority of people in the UK are 'net refuseniks'. A. True B. False 3. The main reason for not getting internet access is the cost. A. True B. False 4. High speed internet is almost available everywhere in the UK. A. True B. False 5. The digital divide is widening in the UK. A. True B. False 6. Not having access to the internet will only affect people's careers. A. True B. False 2. TEST 2
  2. Đọc hiểu – Trỡnh độ B The ZX Spectrum In April 1982 a British company, headed by Sir Clive Sinclair, launched the ZX Spectrum computer on the market and sparked an IT revolution. The tiny black computer with its rubber keys ignited the home computer age both in the UK and elsewhere, which led to a boom in computer manufacturing and developed software programmers whose talent is still evident today. The ZX Spectrum was the brainchild of the entrepreneur Clive Sinclair, who had previously developed one of the first cheap and slim pocket calculators. The Spectrum was Sinclair's fourth computer, but was by far the most successful. For many people, the ZX Spectrum was their first experience of using a computer and it soon gained a loyal following. In fact, it would not be a great exaggeration to credit Clive Sinclair and his ZX Spectrum with almost single- handedly creating the IT industry in the UK and providing the first learning tools for the programmers who shape today's video games and information technology. Even today, there are programs being written for the Spectrum, though it has not been made for years. The computer was so successful that there are many nostalgic users all over the world, who look back on this machine with great affection. Lựa chọn cõu trả lời đỳng nhất: 7. The ZX Spectrum had an ordinary keyboard. A. True B. False 8. The impact of the computer is still noticeable today. A. True B. False 9. Clive Sinclair had not worked in electronics before making the computer. A. True B. False 10. A lot of people had not used a computer before they bought the ZX Spectrum. A. True B. False 11. People are writing programs for it because the computer is still on the market. A. True B. False 12. Many people have fond memories of this computer. A. True B. False 3. TEST 3 2
  3. Đọc hiểu – Trỡnh độ B Robot Birds Liverpool city council wants to clear the city of fat pigeons. They say that people are feeding the birds, which makes them fat. The pigeons get bigger because their normal diet would consist of seeds and insects, not high-fat junk food they are eating in the city centre. The council wants people to know that everyone who feeds the pigeons is responsible for the streets being so crowded with these birds. They hope to encourage the birds to move away from the city centre and into parks and open spaces. Ten robotic birds have been brought into the city centre to scare the pigeons away and visitors are asked not to give the pigeons any food. The mechanical birds - known as 'robops' - will sit on the roofs of buildings. They can be moved around to different locations. They look like peregrine falcons, which are birds that kill pigeons. They even make noises and flap their wings to scare the pigeons. They hope that the pigeons will go away before the city becomes the European Capital of Culture in two years. Lựa chọn cõu trả lời đỳng nhất: 13. Pigeons are fatter in Liverpool than in other cities. A. True B. False C. Doesn’t say 14. Pigeons get fat because they eat seeds and insects. A. True B. False C. Doesn’t say 15. According to the council, everyone is to blame for the numbers of pigeons. A. True B. False C. Doesn’t say 16. Visitors shouldn't feed the pigeons A. True B. False C. Doesn’t say 17. The robotic birds can move around the city centre. A. True B. False C. Doesn’t say 18. Liverpool is the European Capital of Culture. A. True B. False C. Doesn’t say 3
  4. Đọc hiểu – Trỡnh độ B 4. TEST 4 Bully for you The makers of a controversial computer game about bullying have decided to go ahead and launch it despite calls for it to be banned. In the game, players take on the role of a new student at a school and have to fight the bullies, by punching them or hitting them with a baseball bat. Critics have said that the game encourages violence, but the makers deny this and say that, while there is violence in the game, it is just an amusing look at school life, besides which, the violence in the game is directed against the bullies to protect pupils who are being bullied. The makers also say that players will learn to stand up to bullies. A British politician, a former minister, has called for it to be banned as it might affect the way young people perceive violence. Anti-bullying charities have said that the game might make people respond violently to bullies, which might make things more complicated and result in injuries. Lựa chọn cõu trả lời đỳng nhất: 19. The makers of the computer game decided not to release it. A. True B. False 20. In the game, the player takes on the role of a bully. A. True B. False 21. Everyone agrees that the game encourages violence. A. True B. False 22. The British politician used to be a minister. A. True B. False 23. The politician thinks it might make young people look at violence differently. A. True B. False 24. The anti-bullying charity thinks that people might get hurt because of this game. A. True B. False 5. TEST 5 Shambo 4
  5. Đọc hiểu – Trỡnh độ B Shambo, the bull at the centre of a three-month legal fight, has been killed. After a positive test for TB, an order was made for his slaughter, in keeping with the law. However, the multi-faith community where he lived went to court to try to save him as he was a sacred animal to Hindus. A High Court judge said that the order to kill him was unlawful, but the decision was overturned in the Appeal Court. Police had to be called in as worshippers had formed a human shield around the animal to stop him being taken away. Opinion is very divided on the issue - some believe that he was a danger to the national herd and needed to be killed, while others feel that religious beliefs should be respected and the community had offered to provide sufficient measures to ensure that he would not infect any other animals if he contracted the disease as they planned to isolate him. The authorities cut through the security fence and led the bull away. The following morning they announced that he had been given a lethal injection. The debate on the issue is unlikely to end with the death of Shambo and may widen into a debate about the policy of killing cows that test positive for TB. Lựa chọn cõu trả lời đỳng nhất: 25. Shambo lived in a religious community. A. True B. False 26. The community did not do much to try to save him. A. True B. False 27. The case went to more than one court. A. True B. False 28. Police went in because there were violent protests. A. True B. False 29. Everybody feels that he needed to be killed. A. True B. False 30. From now on, no cows that test positive will be killed. A. True B. False 6. TEST 6 Globalcall Communications Globalcall Communications has grown from a telecommunications solutions provider for local businesses in the greater Seattle metropolitan area to a truly global corporation providing telecommunications solutions for clients both large and small. Established to fill a significant market gap for simple communication solutions, the 5
  6. Đọc hiểu – Trỡnh độ B company first expanded to most major North American cities before becoming a major multinational player. Presently, the company is extending operations to include voice over IP as well as high-speed cable Internet access. Globalcall Communications' team includes more than 40,000 specialists worldwide in more than 20 countries on three continents. Next year will see the deployment of a third generation wireless communications network in Asian countries. The future looks bright for Globalcall Communications. By 2005 the company will be servicing more than 15 million households and businesses globally. Globalcall Communications will have become a household world. We look forward to serving clients and are planning to do everything in our power to make sure that your communication future is unlimited and simple. Lựa chọn cõu trả lời đỳng nhất: 31. The company began by offering computer software solutions to local businesses in the greater Seattle metropolitan area. A. True B. False 32. The company was founded on an approach to providing simple communication solutions. A. True B. False 33. The company will expand its operations to include voice over IP as well as high-speed cable Internet access. A. True B. False 34. Worldwide communications employs more than 40,000 specialists. A. True B. False 35. The company expects to be servicing more than 50 million customers worldwide by 2005. A. True B. False 36. The company’s outlook is positive. A. True B. False 7. TEST 7 History of Halloween Halloween falls on October 31st each year in North America and other parts of the world. What do you know about Halloween? Do you celebrate it in your country? Here is a little history about it. 6
  7. Đọc hiểu – Trỡnh độ B Like many other holidays, Halloween has evolved and changed throughout history. Over 2,000 years ago, people called the Celts lived in what are now Ireland, the UK, and parts of Northern France. November 1 was their New Year's Day. They believed that the night before the New Year (October 31) was a time when the living and the dead came together. More than a thousand years ago, the Christian church named November 1 All Saints Day (also called All Hallows.) This was a special holy day to honor the saints and other people who died for their religion. The night before All Hallows was called Hallows Eve. Later the name was changed to Halloween. Like the Celts, the Europeans of that time also believed that the spirits of the dead would visit the earth on Halloween. They worried that evil spirits would cause problems or hurt them. So on that night people wore costumes that looked like ghosts or other evil creatures. They thought if they dressed like that, the spirits would think they were also dead and not harm them. The tradition of Halloween was carried to America by the immigrating Europeans. Some of the traditions changed a little, though. For example, on Halloween in Europe some people would carry lanterns made from turnips. In America, pumpkins were more common. So people began putting candles inside them and using them as lanterns. That is why you see Jack 'o lanterns today. These days Halloween is not usually considered a religious holiday. It is primarily a fun day for children. Children dress up in costumes like people did a thousand years ago. But instead of worrying about evil spirits, they go from house to house. They knock on doors and say "trick or treat." The owner of each house gives candy or something special to each trick-or-treater. Lựa chọn cõu trả lời đỳng nhất: 37. The Celts thought the spirits of dead people returned to the earth on October 31st. A. True B. False 38. All Hallows is on October 31st. A. True B. False 39. The word Halloween comes from the word Hallows eve. A. True B. False 40. A thousand years ago Europeans wore costumes to get candy. A. True B. False 41. Americans still carve turnips to use as lanterns. A. True B. False 42. Today Halloween is especially for children. 7
  8. Đọc hiểu – Trỡnh độ B A. True B. False 8. TEST 8 Using an English/English Dictionary Today's English learner has a wide choice of dictionaries in which to choose from. There are dictionaries with American English, with British English, with idioms or slang, and even with pictures. One of the most popular dictionaries I have seen among many students is talking electronic dictionaries. All you have to do is type in a word in your language and you can see it and hear it in English. That's great, right? Well, I think it's great, too but only sometimes. Bilingual electronic dictionaries are fast and easy. They can be great when you are traveling and need information quickly. But I am against electronic dictionaries and even bilingual paper dictionaries in many cases. Let me explain When you reach an intermediate level of English (about the level of 5 Minute English), you know enough of the language to ask the meaning of certain things while using English. Translating between languages in your head takes time. You should be translating as little as possible and you should be thinking in English as much as possible. I strongly recommend that intermediate and advanced students use an English-English dictionary made especially for your understanding. For example, Longman has a good dictionary for students. Other companies do, too. I also feel that paper (book) dictionaries are better for studying than electronic dictionaries. True, they take longer to use. But, for some reason, the information you look up seems to stay in your head longer. It may be because you were forced to spell the word in your head and therefore "see it" more clearly in your mind. So what do you do if you have checked an English-English dictionary and still don't understand something? Go to your bilingual dictionary. It is useful sometimes. Just remember to try to stay in English as much as possible. Lựa chọn cõu trả lời đỳng nhất: According to the author 43. A very popular dictionary is a talking electronic dictionary. A. True B. False 44. Electronic dictionaries are great for learning English. A. True B. False 45. Electronic dictionaries are great for traveling. A. True B. False 46. Intermediate students of English should use electronic dictionaries as much as possible. A. True 8
  9. Đọc hiểu – Trỡnh độ B B. False 47. Using a bilingual dictionary forces you to think in English. A. True B. False 48. You should never use a bilingual dictionary. A. True B. False 9. TEST 9 Birmingham Birmingham is a city and metropolitan borough in the West Midlands of England. It is the UK's second largest and most ethnically diverse city and continues to be considered the country's "second city". The City of Birmingham has a population of 992,100 (2003 estimate); the Birmingham metropolitan area (the West Midlands county) has a population of 2,575,768. More than five million people live in the surrounding region. The city is commonly known by its nickname Brum (from the local name Brummagem), and its people as Brummies. Birmingham is home to the distinctive Brummie accent and dialect. Birmingham is one of the most culturally diverse cities in the UK, with large populations from the Caribbean and Indian subcontinent: according to the 2001 census, 25.6% of the population of Birmingham is non-white. The city hosts the largest number (140033) of Muslims in Britain, with regard to the percentage (14,3) it ranks sixth among the country's local authorities. Birmingham also has a large Irish community, and the city hosts the third largest St. Patrick's Day parade in the world, after Dublin and New York. Birmingham's Baltic restaurants produce some of the finest 'Indian' cuisine in the UK. About 22 million people visit Birmingham every year and the city was voted second best place to shop in England 2004 after the West End of London. Its top attractions include Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery, Millennium Point, Bull Ring, Selfridges Building, Cadbury World, Tolkien Trail, Birmingham Royal Ballet, and the National Sea Life Centre. Birmingham has 35 miles (60 km) of canals within the city boundaries, of which most are navigable; the canals were once the lifeblood of the city's industries during the Industrial Revolution but are now used mainly for pleasure. It is often quoted that Birmingham has more miles of canal than Venice. This is in fact true (Venice has 26 miles) although Birmingham is much larger than Venice. Lựa chọn cõu trả lời đỳng nhất: 49. The City of Birmingham has a population of less than a million people. A. True B. False C. Doesn’t say 50. People from Birmingham are called Brummies. 9
  10. Đọc hiểu – Trỡnh độ B A. True B. False C. Doesn’t say 51. 25.6% of the population of Birmingham is white. A. True B. False C. Doesn’t say 52. Birmingham hosts the fifth largest St. Patrick's Day parade in the world. A. True B. False C. Doesn’t say 53. Birmingham has 35 miles of canals. A. True B. False C. Doesn’t say 10. TEST 10 Japanese tsunami dog and owner reunited A dog that was rescued after spending three weeks floating at sea after a huge earthquake and tsunami has been reunited with its owner, who recognised the dog when she saw a TV news report on the rescue on Friday. The dog was found by a Japan Coast Guard crew on a roof drifting some 1.8km off the coast of one of the worst-hit areas along Japan's north-east coast. The roof that the dog was found on is believed to have broken off the house and been washed out to sea by the retreating waters of the devastating tsunami. The two-year-old dog called Ban had an emotional reunion with its owner at an animal care centre where it had been taken to be looked after. Local media reported that Ban immediately jumped up and was very excited when the owner appeared. "We'll never let go of her," said the owner, who wished to remain anonymous. Lựa chọn cõu trả lời đỳng nhất: 54. The dog was rescued by helicopter. A. True B. False C. Doesn’t say 55. The dog spent three weeks at sea. A. True B. False C. Doesn’t say 56. The dog was rescued by the owner. 10
  11. Đọc hiểu – Trỡnh độ B A. True B. False C. Doesn’t say 57. The dog was found by soldiers from the army. A. True B. False C. Doesn’t say 58. The dog was found floating on a roof. A. True B. False C. Doesn’t say 59. The dog showed no emotion when the owner arrived. A. True B. False C. Doesn’t say 11. TEST 11 Crystal Cruises - Luxury Every Day Come and sail on a Crystal Cruise ship. We have three ships: The Crystal Queen, The Crystal Princess, and The Crystal Palace. Come and sail in luxury on cruises around the Caribbean Sea for 7 or 14 days. Our seven-day cruise costs $2000 and our two-week cruise is $3500. A typical one week cruise • Day One - departure from Miami • Day Two - free day in Nassau, in The Bahamas • Day Three - near Haiti • Day Four - visit Puerto Rico and Antigua • Day Five - free day in Barbados • Day Six - free day in Port of Spain, Trinidad • Day Seven - travel to Caracas, Venezuela • Day Eight - fly home. All food and drink is included in the price of your cruise (except for alcoholic drinks). Our cruise ships all have a casino, a cinema, a five-star restaurant, a theatre, a library and a fully equipped gymnasium. If you prefer to go on a cruise in another part of the world, we also organize cruises in the Baltic Sea and the Mediterranean. Our ships carry over 2000 passengers and we have nearly 600 crew members. So come on board today for the holiday of a lifetime! Call immediately: 020-4455832 11
  12. Đọc hiểu – Trỡnh độ B Lựa chọn cõu trả lời đỳng nhất: 60. Your cruise starts in The Bahamas. A. True B. False 61. You have a free day in Antigua. A. True B. False 62. You can go on a cruise for two weeks. A. True B. False 63. There are three different ships in the Crystal Cruises company. A. True B. False 64. There is a cinema on board each ship. A. True B. False 65. The cruise finishes in a different country. A. True B. False 66. You can keep fit while you are on board the cruise ship. A. True B. False 67. The company only does cruises in the Caribbean. A. True B. False 12. TEST 12 Holidays A holiday is a day made special by a culture's customs or laws. Holidays help a culture remember and honor its history. Each culture has its own traditions for recognizing and celebrating these special days. People may attend parades, sing songs, go on picnics or give gifts to each other on certain holidays. Some holidays are peculiar to a culture. Other holidays, like Christmas and Thanksgiving, are celebrated by many cultures around the world. The English word “Holiday” actually came from two words, holy and day. This is because, years ago, the only holidays that were observed were religious days. The best known religious holiday is Christmas. In most parts of the world, Christmas is a time of happy festivities. People decorate Christmas trees with ornaments and lights and give each other gifts. Families gather for large dinners that consist of turkey, ham, 12
  13. Đọc hiểu – Trỡnh độ B dressing, yams, and other holiday fare. They also attend church and give thanks for the birth of Jesus Christ, who was born as the saviour of the world. Below is a short version of the story of Christmas. As you read the story, think about how Christmas is celebrated in your culture. Do people in your culture celebrate Christmas like people in North America? If not, in what way do you celebrate Christmas? What holiday is the most important in your culture? Why? The Christmas Story While Mary and Joseph were resting in a stable in Bethlehem, Mary's baby was born. Mary was happy, because an angel had told her that her baby was the son of God, and that He would grow up to help people love one another, and love God. Mary called the baby Jesus. The shepherds came to see the Christ Child and to worship Him. When they left, they spread the joyous news. All the angels came, too. They filled the air with singing as they praised God and said, "Glory be to God in the highest, and peace on earth and good will to man." Lựa chọn đỏp ỏn đỳng nhất: 68. Holidays help a culture remember and honor its history. A. True B. False 69. People may join in marches on a holiday. A. True B. False 70. Thanksgiving is the best known religious holiday. A. True B. False 71. Originally, all holidays were holy days. A. True B. False 72. Jesus Christ was born in Bethlehem. A. True B. False 73. People in USA celebrate Christmas. A. True B. False 13. TEST 13 Famous American Bridges People and vehicles use bridges to cross bodies of water, valleys and roads. If you ask people to name some famous American bridges, they probably will include the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, California and the Brooklyn Bridge in New York City. Both are suspension bridges. They cross great distances and have roadways that hang from steel cables supported by high towers. 13
  14. Đọc hiểu – Trỡnh độ B You may think the Golden Gate Bridge was named for its orange color. But it is named for the body of water that it crosses - the Golden Gate Strait. The Golden Gate Strait is the entrance to the San Francisco Bay from the Pacific Ocean. The Golden Gate Bridge links the city of San Francisco with Marin County, California. Joseph Strauss designed the bridge. It opened in 1937. The Golden Gate Bridge extends 1,280 meters across the water. It was the longest suspension bridge in the world until 1964. That is when the Verrazano Narrows Bridge opened in New York City. Still, the Golden Gate Bridge has become famous around the world. And many people consider it to be the most beautiful bridge structure in the world. The Brooklyn Bridge is much older than the Golden Gate. It was one of the first great suspension bridges. It was built between 1869 and 1883. John Augustus Roebling designed the bridge. But he died as a result of an accident at the start of its construction. His son, Washington Roebling, replaced him as chief engineer. But he became sick while working underwater. Washington Roebling was not able to go to the construction area. Yet he continued to direct the operations through his wife, Emily. The Brooklyn Bridge links Brooklyn with Manhattan Island. It extends 486 meters over the East River. It was the longest bridge in the world until the Firth of Forth cantilever bridge was built in Scotland in 1890. Today, thousands of cars, trucks, bicycles and people cross the Brooklyn Bridge every day. Lựa chọn đỏp ỏn đỳng nhất: 74. The Golden Gate Bridge was named for its orange color. A. True B. False 75. The Golden Gate Bridge connects the city of San Francisco with Marin County, California. A. True B. False 76. The Golden Gate Bridge is much older than the Brooklyn Bridge. A. True B. False 77. The Verrazano Narrows Bridge is the longest suspension bridge in the world. A. True B. False 78. People only use bridges for crossing bodies of water. A. True B. False 79. Suspension bridges hang from steel cables supported by high towers. A. True B. False 14
  15. Đọc hiểu – Trỡnh độ B 80. The designer of the Golden Gate Bridge died as a result of an accident at the start of its construction. A. True B. False 81. The Golden Gate Strait is the entrance to the San Francisco Bay. A. True B. False 82. The Golden Gate Bridge was the first great suspension bridge. A. True B. False 83. The Brooklyn Bridge is a cantilever bridge. A. True B. False 14. TEST 14 Language What is language? According to Webster's Dictionary, language is defined as: 1. a body of words and systems for their use common to people of the same community or nation. 2. any system of formalized symbols, signs, etc., used or conceived as a means of communication. 3. the means of communication used by animals. Simply put, language is what people and animals use to communicate their thoughts, ideas and feelings. Of course, animals communicate with each other differently than humans, and each type of animal communicates differently. For example, a bee uses a sophisticated dance to tell the rest of the bees in the hive where there is food, while humpback whales communicate through the use of melodic sounds. One could say then, that animals use different languages. Like animals, people also use different languages. Each culture has its own words and symbols that are used by people within that culture to communicate with others in the same culture. For example, a person living in Japan will use the Japanese language to communicate with other Japanese. Unlike animals though, some cultures use more than one language. People within these cultures are said to be either bilingual or multilingual. One such place is Canada. It is very likely that a person living in Canada may speak both French and English. Likewise, a person living in Switzerland may speak Italian, German and French. Not only do people use different languages to communicate, but languages also have different dialects. A dialect is a variation of a language which uses words and grammar somewhat differently from the standard form of the same language. For example, people who live in Manchester, England speak in a dialect that is slightly different from people who live in London, England; however, people in both cities speak English. 15
  16. Đọc hiểu – Trỡnh độ B There are also some people who don't use a spoken language at all. These people use their hands to communicate. This type of language is called sign language and is most commonly used by people who are deaf. Now that we know how people communicate, we are faced with a question. Are we part of a specific culture because of the language we speak, or do we speak a particular language because we are part of that culture? To put it more simply, is a Korean person Korean because he speaks Korean, or does he speak Korean because he was born in Korea? What part does language play in the definition of culture? Lựa chọn đỏp ỏn đỳng nhất: 84. Bees like to dance when they find food. A. True B. False 85. Language is what people and animals use to communicate their thoughts, ideas and feelings. A. True B. False 86. A dialect is a variation of a language which is different from the standard form of the same language. A. True B. False 87. Sign language is most commonly used by people who are deaf. A. True B. False 88. “People are said to be bilingual” means they can speak more than two languages. A. True B. False 89. In the writer’s opinion, the language we speak decides the culture we belong to. A. True B. False 15. TEST 15 Pound Sterling The pound sterling, which strictly speaking refers to basic currency unit of sterling, now the pound, can generally refer to the currency of the United Kingdom (UK). The standard ISO 4217 currency code is GBP (UKP is non-standard and sometimes wrongly used). The sign for the pound is Ê (or rarely just "L"). Both symbols derive from libra, the Latin word for "pound". 16
  17. Đọc hiểu – Trỡnh độ B In the UK, in order to distinguish the unit of currency from the unit of mass, and from other units of currency that have the same name, a pound is often referred to as a pound sterling or sometimes simply sterling. The slang term quid is also substituted in informal conversation for "pound(s) sterling". The sterling was originally a name for a silver penny of 1/240 pound. In modern times the pound has replaced the penny as the basic unit of currency as inflation has steadily eroded the value of the currency. Originally a silver penny had the purchasing power of slightly less than a modern pound. Lựa chọn đỏp ỏn đỳng nhất: 90. The pound is the currency of UK. A. True B. False 91. The symbol for the pound derives from the Latin word "libra". A. True B. False 92. To distinguish the unit of currency from the unit of mass, sometimes the pound is also called pound sterling. A. True B. False 93. Quid is a slang term for pound. A. True B. False 94. Sterling was originally the name for a pound. A. True B. False 16. TEST 16 William Shakespeare William Shakespeare—born April 1564; baptised April 26, 1564; died April 23, 1616 (O.S.), May 3, 1616 (N.S.)—has a reputation as the greatest of all writers in English. His ability to capture and convey the most profound aspects of human nature is regarded by many as unequalled and the English Renaissance has often been called "the age of Shakespeare". He was among the few playwrights who have excelled in both tragedy and comedy and several of his plays contain songs that are among the finest lyric poems in English. He also wrote 154 sonnets, two narrative poems, and a handful of shorter poems. Shakespeare wrote his works between 1588 and 1613, although the exact dates and chronology of the plays attributed to him are often uncertain. 17
  18. Đọc hiểu – Trỡnh độ B Shakespeare's influence on the English-speaking world shows in the widespread use of quotations from Shakespearean plays, the titles of works based on Shakespearean phrases, and the many adaptations of his plays. Other signs of his continuing influence include his appearance in the top ten of the "100 Greatest Britons" poll sponsored by the BBC, the frequent productions based on his work, such as the BBC Television Shakespeare, and the success of the fictional account of his life in the 1998 film Shakespeare in Love. Some of his famous plays are "Romeo and Juliet", "Macbeth", "Hamlet", "Othello", "Antony and Cleopatra", "The Comedy of Errors", "A Midsummer Night's Dream", among others. Lựa chọn đỏp ỏn đỳng nhất: 95. William Shakespeare was a great writer of both tragedy and comedy. A. True B. False 96. How many sonnets did he write? A. 2 B. 100 C. 154 97. His books are full of quotations. A. True B. False 98. The film "Shakespeare in Love" is based on his life. A. True B. False 99. He died in 1616. A. True B. False 100. "100 Greatest Britons" is one of his famous masterpieces. A. True B. False 17. TEST 17 Changes In Town I have returned to my hometown of Wilson Creek after an absence of 10 years. So many things have changed around here. When I left Wilson Creek, there was a small pond on the right as you left town. They have filled in this pond and they have built a large shopping mall there. A new post office has also been built just across from my old school. There is a baseball stadium on the outskirts of Wilson Creek which has been changed completely. They have now added a new stand where probably a few thousand people could sit. It looks really great. 18
  19. Đọc hiểu – Trỡnh độ B The biggest changes have taken place in the downtown area. They have pedestrianised the centre and you can't drive there anymore. A European-style fountain has been built and some benches have also been added along with a grassy area and a new street cafe. My street looks just the same as it always has but a public library has been built in the next street along. There used to be a great park there but they have cut down all the trees which is a pity. The library now has a large green area in front of it but it's not the same as when the park was there. Another improvement is the number of new restaurants that have opened in Wilson Creek. A Chinese and an Italian restaurant have opened in the town centre and a Mexican restaurant has opened near my home. Which is where I am going tonight! Lựa chọn cõu trả lời đỳng nhất: 101. Jake's school doesn't exist anymore. A. True B. False 102. They have improved the baseball stadium. A. True B. False 103. Jake likes the new-look baseball stadium. A. True B. False 104. The buildings in the centre of the town look European. A. True B. False 105. Jake's street hasn't changed much. A. True B. False 106. He is sad about the park being ruined. A. True B. False 19
  20. Đọc hiểu – Trỡnh độ B II. CHOOSE THE BEST ANSWER 18. TEST 18 Lựa chọn cõu trả lời đỳng nhất: 107. In this story, the word restaurant means a ___. A. place to eat B. large bridge C. neighbor’s house 20
  21. Đọc hiểu – Trỡnh độ B 108. Which sentence from the story tells how the fish probably got out of the water? A. There were fish in the streets and fish in the yards. B. Some scientists believe they know what caused these fish to fall. C. The tornado touched down on a body of water and picked up the fish. 109. Who told the man and woman about the falling fish? A. A fisherman B. A scientist C. A waiter 110. Which of these events happened first? A. The man and woman saw fish in the streets. B. The man and woman decided to have breakfast. C. The man and woman ran into the street. 111. How did the man and woman probably feel when they went outside? A. Amazed B. Happy C. Angry 112. In this story, the word statement means ___. A. a special kind of food B. words that are spoken C. a pretty picture 19. TEST 19 Fast Foods There are more than 300,000 fast food restaurants in the U.S. Why is fast food so popular? Because it is convenient, predictable, and fast. Fast food has become a part of the busy American lifestyle. But, nutrition experts point out, fast food is often high in calories, sodium, fat and cholesterol. This does not mean fast food is bad. But it does mean you should fit fast food into a balanced, healthy diet. On the average, to maintain desirable weight, men need about 2,700 calories per day and women need about 2,000 calories per day. It is not well understood why some people can eat much more than others and still maintain a desirable weight. However, one thing is certain to lose weight, you must take in fewer calories than you burn. This means that you must either choose foods with fewer calories, or you must increase your physical activity, preferably both. Most Americans get more than 40 percent of their daily calories from fat, the American Heart Association recommends limiting fat to less than 50-80 grams per day. Fast food meals can be high in calories, fat, sodium, and cholesterol. See an example on how easily these red-flag items can add up: Burger Quater-Pound Cheesburger, Large Fries, (McDonald's) 21
  22. Đọc hiểu – Trỡnh độ B This meal: than 300 mg 1,450 mg sodium mg Lately, fast-food chains have noticed that consumers are more health-conscious, and as a result many chains are adding healthier choices to their menus. Here are examples of some of these better alternatives: Burger King's Chunky Chicken Salad 142 calories 4g fat 25% calories from fat 49 mg cholesterol 443 mg sodium McDonald's Vanilla Shake 310 calories 5 g fat 15% calories from fat 25 mg cholesterol 170 mg sodium Lựa chọn cõu trả lời đỳng nhất: 113. Why is fast food so popular in US? A. Because it is good for your health and it is fast. B. Because American way of life is on fashion. C. Because American people are very busy and fast food is ready to take. D. Because American do not like cooking. 114. If you want to lose weight, what should you do? A. It is not important what you eat, providing you eat less. B. Take in fewer calories than you spend. C. Eat food which contains less fat and consequently fewer calories. 115. Some people eat much more than others, but still don't put on weight. Why? A. We don't really know it. B. They burn more calories than others. C. They do not eat fast food meals. 116. What are fast food meals high in? A. Water, fat and calories. B. Fat and cholesterol. C. Salt, fat and cholesterol. 117. Is it possible to eat well in a fast food restaurant? A. Yes, but you shouldn't eat in a fast food restaurant every day. B. Yes, but only if you choose low in fat and calories meals. 22
  23. Đọc hiểu – Trỡnh độ B C. No, all fast food meals contain too much fat and cholesterol. 20. TEST 20 Profit and Loss Look at the graph, which shows a firm's income, total expenditure and advertising costs over an eight-month period. Which month does the sentences underneath describe? For each sentence, choose a letter from A-H. Don't use a letter more than once. Lựa chọn cõu trả lời đỳng nhất: 118. This was the least profitable month. A B C D E F G H 119. In this month, income and expenditure were the same. A B C D E F G H 23
  24. Đọc hiểu – Trỡnh độ B 120. In this month, the company made a loss, but advertising costs were lower than in the previous month. A B C D E F G H 121. In this month, advertising costs were at their peak. A B C D E F G H 122. In this month, income, expenditure and advertising costs were all higher than the previous month. A B C D E F G H 123. In this month, expenditure was twice as much as the income. A B C D E 24
  25. Đọc hiểu – Trỡnh độ B F G H 21. TEST 21 Blueberries Do you know how blueberries grow? They grow on bushes. Each blueberry is small and round. Many blueberries can grow on one bush. At first, the blueberries are green. The green berries are not ready to eat yet. They need a lot of sun and rain to help them become fat and sweet. When the berries turn blue, they are ripe and ready to be picked. Some farmers grow blueberries in big fields. The people who live nearby can earn money by helping to pick the blueberries. Each one takes a pail out to the field and fills it with blueberries. They work fast so that they can fill many pails. They want to earn as much money as they can. When they are done picking, their fingers are blue from the juice of the berries! After the blueberries are picked, they are put into boxes and sent to stores. People buy the blueberries and take them home to eat. Some people like to wash the berries and eat them one by one. Other people like to cook with blueberries. They make blueberry muffins and pancakes. No matter how you eat them, blueberries taste great! Lựa chọn cõu trả lời đỳng nhất: 124. What does earn mean? A. sell B. get C. lose D. share 125. What color are the blueberries BEFORE they are ready to be picked? A. blue B. red C. green D. brown 126. Where do the blueberry pickers work? A. in a barn B. in a field C. in a forest D. near a stream 127. What happens to blueberries AFTER they are picked? A. They are put into boxes. B. They need sun and rain. 25
  26. Đọc hiểu – Trỡnh độ B C. Farmers plant them. D. They become sweet and ripe. 128. What does sweet mean? A. juicy B. sour tasting C. dry D. sugary tasting 129. What could be another title for this story? A. "All About Blueberries" B. "How to Cook with Blueberries" C. "Eating Blueberries" D. "All About Strawberries" 22. TEST 22 Restaurant Look at the graph, which shows a restaurant's income, total expenditure and advertising costs over an eight-month period. Which month does the sentences underneath describe? For each sentence, choose a letter from A-H. Don't use a letter more than once. Lựa chọn cõu trả lời đỳng nhất: 130. In this month, expenditure was at its highest while advertising costs were at their lowest. A B C D E F 26
  27. Đọc hiểu – Trỡnh độ B G H 131. This was the most profitable month. A B C D E F G H 132. In this month, the restaurant made a loss, but advertising costs were lower than in the previous month. A B C D E F G H 133. In this month, the restaurant made Ê3,000 profit and advertising costs were under Ê1,000. A B C D E F G H 134. In this month, advertising costs were at their highest. A B 27
  28. Đọc hiểu – Trỡnh độ B C D E F G H 135. In this month, advertising costs were one-fifth of expenditure. A B C D E F G H 23. TEST 23 The Story of a Town Brighton is the largest seaside resort in the south-east of England. At first, the town was a fishing village and did not become popular until about 1800. Rich people began to visit Brighton in large numbers and when King George IV decided to build a house there, it became very fashionable. The King continued to visit it until 1827, but Queen Victoria did not like the house. It is now open to the public every day and there is a special exhibition in the summer. Brighton offers all kinds of entertainment, from concerts and plays in the theatre to local attractions like the Aquarium. The area of old houses known as The Lanes is a very attractive shopping centre, where visitors can buy souvenirs and antiques. The houses were once lived in by fishermen but have now been converted into shops. Not far from The Lanes is a modern shopping centre with licensed restaurants and tables outdoors where you can enjoy a drink in good weather. Brighton is within easy reach of London and has been a popular day out for Londoners for many years. Lựa chọn cõu trả lời đỳng nhất: 136. When did Brighton begin to be popular with tourists? A. When houses were built. B. When Queen Victoria arrived. C. When King George IV arrived. 28
  29. Đọc hiểu – Trỡnh độ B D. After 1800. 137. What things does the text say can you do in Brighton? A. Visit the cinema and the theatre. B. Buy antiques and souvenirs. C. Visit the fisherman. D. Fish, shop and swim. 138. What kind of buildings are in The Lanes? A. Converted houses. B. New houses. C. Old pubs. D. Modern shops. 139. What does the text say you can do near The Lanes in fine weather? A. Sit outside for lunch. B. Go to concerts. C. Buy souvenirs. D. Buy antiques. 140. How long do many people from London stay in Brighton? A. A month. B. A week. C. One day. D. A weekend. 141. Which of these is true? A. Brighton is the biggest town on the coast of England. B. Brighton is the biggest town in south-east England. C. Brighton is the same size as London. D. No resort in south-east England is bigger than Brighton. 24. TEST 24 Bill Gates He's the most famous businessman in the world. Many pages have been written about how he has dominated the revolution in personal computing. But we know little about him as a person. Here's a familiar anecdote which may show his personality: when Bill Gates was in the sixth grade, his parents decided that he needed some kind of help. He was at war with his mother Mary, an extrovert woman who believed that he should do what she told him. She would call him to dinner from his bedroom, which she had given up trying to make him clean, but he wouldn't respond. "What are you doing?" she once asked him. "I'm thinking," Bill answered. "You're thinking?" 29
  30. Đọc hiểu – Trỡnh độ B "Yes, Mom, I’m thinking," he said aggressively. "Have you tried thinking?" Finally, his parents decided to send him to a psychologist. The psychologist concluded that Bill was extremely intelligent. After a one year session and a large amount of tests, the psychologist told Bill’s parents: "You're going to lose. You had better adjust to it because there’s no use trying to punish him. It's useless to try to compete with him." A lot of computer companies have concluded the same. Lựa chọn cõu trả lời đỳng nhất: 142. Do we know much about his non-professional life? Why? A. Yes. A lot has been written about his computing revolution. B. Yes. Because he is a very famous person. You can see him on TV, the news or the Internet. C. No. Because there is very little information about his private life. D. No. Because he has got problems with his mother and his psychologist. 143. Why did Bill’s parents think that he needed a psychologist? A. Because he talked to his mother aggressively and didn't do what she told him. B. Because he liked computers a lot and spent all day playing with them. C. Because he was very intelligent. D. Because he wanted to be a businessman. 144. Why did the psychologist conclude that it was useless to compete with Bill? A. Because a great number of computer companies can't compete with him. B. Because punishing him was not a solution, he had his own ideas. C. Because his parents were not very intelligent. D. Because Bill didn't want to compete with his parents. 145. Find in the texts the world which has the following definition: "complete or drastic change of the methods, conditions, etc." A. War B. Psychologist C. Anecdote D. Revolution 146. Find one synonym in the text for SORT? A. Kind B. Little C. Help D. Intelligent 25. TEST 25 Being a secretary is a lot like being a parent. After a while, your boss becomes dependent upon you, just as a child is dependent upon his or her parents. Like a child who must ask permission before going out, you’ll find your boss coming to you for 30
  31. Đọc hiểu – Trỡnh độ B permission, too. “Can I have a meeting on Tuesday at 3:30?” you might be asked, because you’re the one who keeps track of your boss’s schedule. You will also find yourself cleaning up after your boss a lot, tidying up papers and files the same way a parent tucks away a child’s toys and clothes. And, like a parent protects his or her children from outside dangers, you will find yourself protecting your boss from certain “dangers”—unwanted callers, angry clients, and upset subordinates. Lựa chọn cõu trả lời đỳng nhất: 147. The main idea of this passage is___. A. Secretaries are treated like children B. Bosses treat their secretaries like children C. Secretaries and parents have similar roles D. Bosses depend too much upon their secretaries 148. Which of the following is the topic sentence of the paragraph? A. Being a secretary is a lot like being a parent. B. After a while, your boss becomes dependent upon you, just as a child is dependent upon his or her parents. C. You will also find yourself cleaning up after your boss a lot, tidying up papers and files the same way a parent tucks away a child’s toys and clothes. D. None of the above. 149. According to the passage, secretaries are like parents in which of the following ways? A. They make their boss’s life possible. B. They keep their bosses from things that might harm or bother them. C. They’re always cleaning and scrubbing things. D. They don’t get enough respect. 150. The tone of this passage suggests that: A. The writer is angry about how secretaries are treated. B. The writer thinks secretaries do too much work. C. The writer is slightly amused by how similar the roles of secretaries and parents are. D. The writer is both a secretary and a parent. 151. “Being a secretary is a lot like being a parent” is___. A. a fact B. an opinion C. neither D. both 152. The word “subordinates” probably means___. A. employees B. parents 31
  32. Đọc hiểu – Trỡnh độ B C. clients D. secretaries 26. TEST 26 English for Business It is said that English speakers fall into three groups: those that have learnt it as a mother tongue, those that have learnt it as a second language through exposure in a society where it is spoken, and those that are forced to use it for administrative, professional or educational purposes. This third group, along with the supremacy of English over German in the business world, has created a boom in institutions offering English for Business. However, the average business person, while happily accepting the challenge, does not have any idea how long the process may take. Duncan Ford, a specialist in language teaching theory, partly puts the blame on misleading publicity and says that you have to think in terms of hundreds of hours while people still think learning a language is a three-hour-a-week job. According to him, the key is lots of variety of the activities and adapting to the dynamics of the class. The communicative approach has replaced the old-fashioned note-taking method and for those who think that a couple of hours with their latest CD-ROM is a substitute for English classes, they should think again. While seen as a useful back-up, they are no teacher replacement. Lựa chọn cõu trả lời đỳng nhất: 153. How do people in the second group learn to speak English? A. It is a natural process, because they live in a place where English is a usual language. B. They have to learn it by studying and going to school. C. People in the second group don't learn English because they don't need it. D. They have English as their mother language. E. They have to use it for varied reasons, such as getting a job or studying at a university, and learn it by means of teachers. 154. Is learning English a short process? Why? A. Yes, because there are lots of institutions offering it. B. No, because you don't have it as a mother tongue. C. No, specialists say you need hundreds of hours. D. Yes, if you use the most recent CD-ROMs. E. Yes, with a communicative approach. 155. A student of English in a secondary school is included in the first group A. False. The text says the first group is for those that have learnt it as a mother tongue. B. True. But only if that student lives in a society where English is spoken. 32
  33. Đọc hiểu – Trỡnh độ B C. False. According to the text, that student is not forced to use it for administrative, professional or educational purposes. D. True. The text says that the first group is for those who are forced to use it for administrative, professional or educational purposes. E. True. The text says that the first group is for those that have learnt it as a second language through exposure in a society where English is spoken. 156. German has been the most spoken language for business until now A. True B. False 157. Mr. Ford considers three lessons a week is enough to learn a language A. True B. False 158. Listening to a CD-ROM for two hours is enough to learn English A. False. According to the text, the communicative approach has replaced the old-fashioned note-taking method and this has nothing to do with CD-ROMs. B. False. The text says that those who think that a couple of hours with their latest CD-ROM is a substitute for English classes, they think well. C. True. According to the text, the latest CD-ROM is a substitute for English classes. D. False. According to the text, for those who think that a couple of hours with their latest CD-ROM are a substitute for English classes, they should think again. E. True. The text says that CD-ROMs are seen as a useful back-up, but they are no teacher replacement. 27. TEST 27 Is your image more important than being happy? By Frances, aged 14, from Aberdeen published by Out there Report Am I too fat? Do I have to be thin to be perfect? Do these phrases sound familiar? They're said time and time again by young girls, who are constantly being pressured to look 'perfect'. But what makes a person 'perfect'? I'd say that a perfect person is someone who is happy and confident, though our society and the media seem to think differently. Everywhere you look, you see 'perfect' images of what young girls should be. We're shown images of perfect skin, perfect teeth, silky hair and a gorgeous figure. And yet the same magazines and television shows contradict themselves by telling us that size 16 is normal. The media put celebrities under even more pressure, expecting far too much from them. I recently saw a story about Liz Hurley, and the headline read: "A hint of 33
  34. Đọc hiểu – Trỡnh độ B cellulite?" Inside, there was a close up picture of Liz Hurley's thighs, showing what they described as cellulite on her legs. Calista Flockhart, who plays Ally McBeal, is accused of being too thin, while Jennifer Lopez and Christina Ricci are told they are overweight. The press makes impossible demands on famous people, and then they attack them when they fail to live up to them. They say that being thin will improve your self esteem, and suggest numerous diets. I wonder just how many people feel as though their self-esteem is actually being eaten away by the hundreds of glossy photographs they publish of perfect, air-brushed models. None of us is perfect, and trying to be perfect just leaves you feeling bad about yourself. Lựa chọn cõu trả lời đỳng nhất: 159. According to the young writer, what makes a person "perfect"? A. Having a happy life because you have a perfect figure. B. Being happy and believing in yourself. C. Having a perfect life and body. 160. Why does the press criticize celebrities? A. Because they are too thin. B. Because they have perfect bodies. C. Because of everything, for being and for not being thin. 161. The young writer thinks that___. A. you don't have to buy any fashion magazines of watch celebrities' TV programmes B. your self-esteem suffers by looking at the photographs of perfect models that magazines publish C. you feel better if you don't look at the photographs of perfect models in magazines 162. Which sentence is the reported version of the following one? She said "don't read that stupid magazine" A. She advised me not to read that stupid magazine. B. She said I didn't read that stupid magazine. C. She told me that I didn't read that stupid magazine. 163. Which word has the following meaning in the text? "To be unsuccessful in something that you want to do" A. Fail B. Look C. Improve 164. What does "gorgeous" mean? A. a strange and not normal person B. Very slim and tall 34
  35. Đọc hiểu – Trỡnh độ B C. Very beautiful and attractive 28. TEST 28 CARS Motor cars are the dream that could ultimately become the nightmare of the 21st century. The machines that once liberated rich people have become essential for millions. They have also sentenced the present generation to the frustration of never- ending journeys that would shock the pioneers of Britain's biggest single industry. Cars have allowed millions to travel enormous distances for business and holidays cheaply and quickly. But the rapid growth in motoring has condemned us all to neurosis, not only over the time wasted in traffic jams, but also over pollution. That is why noise, illnesses and destruction caused through pollution, road building, and the making of cars have made transport a major concern for the millennium. Britain's motor industry today employs a million people. However, the industry which has shown such brilliant inventiveness over the century now faces its biggest challenge: to ensure a future of growth without pollution. The problem facing Britain is that millions rely on the car because there is no viable alternative. After 100 years, what is the future of the car? We have asked the experts, now let us know what the ordinary motorist thinks. Lựa chọn cõu trả lời đỳng nhất: 165. Why do a lot of people use car nowadays? A. Because it has liberated millions of people. B. Because we have the frustration of traffic jams. C. Because a lot of people work making cars and they have to sell them. D. Because it has become a cheap way of travelling and we don't have an alternative. E. Because after a century, it is the most reliable transport for the future. 166. In what sense does traffic affect people? A. It has advantages and disadvantages. B. It kills people in car crashes. C. It has no other alternative for the British. D. It creates pollution and makes people anxious. E. It affects people, but other means of transport are the same. 167. What are the most remarkable features of Britain's motor industry? A. It is not a very important industry in that country. B. A lot of people work there but it may have problems in the future. C. It creates pollution and new roads cause the destruction of forests. D. It makes cheap and fast cars. E. It is an important industry because it sells a great number of cars in Europe. 168. Find one synonym in the text for “Interminable”. 35
  36. Đọc hiểu – Trỡnh độ B A. viable B. enormous C. never-ending D. essential E. major 169. Find in the text the word which has the following definition: "Situation in which there are so many vehicles that they move very slowly or not at all." A. traffic B. traffic jam C. pollution D. transport E. road building 29. TEST 29 Working at the Bank When I first started working in an inner-city bank, I was always afraid someone might rob me. I was behind bulletproof glass, but the alarm buttons always reminded me that someone could rob me. We had secret signals that changed every day, and there was an automatic alarm that rang when the last money came out of my drawer. Sure enough, one day a man I thought looked suspicious entered the bank. He walked by the other tellers to come to me. I thought he knew I didn't have much experience. He put his hand into his pocket, pulled out a note, and put it under the teller window. I panicked, dropped down under the counter, and hit the alarm button. The guards grabbed the man. Then I read the note. It said, "Would you have lunch with me?" Lựa chọn cõu trả lời đỳng nhất: 170. Why did the woman in the story think the man came to her window? A. She thought he was a robber. B. She thought he knew she didn't have experience. C. She thought he wanted to have lunch with her. D. Both A and B E. Both B and C 171. Why did the guards come and hold the man? A. Because the woman yelled that someone was a robber. B. Because the woman dropped under the counter. C. Because the woman pushed the alarm button. 172. Was the man a robber? A. Yes B. No 173. In the first paragraph, what does “inner-city” mean? 36
  37. Đọc hiểu – Trỡnh độ B A. In the center of the city. B. In the suburbs. C. Outside the city. 174. In the second paragraph, what does “panicked” mean? A. Made a decision after thinking everything over. B. Fell on the floor. C. Acted because of strong fear, without thinking clearly. 175. In the third paragraph, what does “grabbed” mean? A. To talk to someone loudly. B. To take quickly and roughly. C. To talk to someone politely. 30. TEST 30 The Cat Our friends invited us to a casual party. The hosts were people we had never met before. When they opened the door to let us in, a beautiful cat ran in ahead of me. I like cats, and I have two cats myself. After we were inside, I leaned down and asked the cat to come to me. Our hosts asked us to sit down. We all made uneasy conversation for about an hour because when the cat wasn't hanging around me, it was climbing over the chairs, couches and tables. Finally, I told them that their cat seemed to be exceptionally friendly with visitors. Their cat? They thought it was ours! They thought that we brought it with us and were impolite enough to let it climb all over everything. Well, that cat's exit was much faster than its entrance and we had a subject of conversation that put us all at ease right away. Lựa chọn cõu trả lời đỳng nhất: 176. Did the person who wrote the story know the hosts before he or she went to the party? A. Yes. B. Yes, but just a little. C. No. 177. Why was the conversation uneasy in the beginning? A. Because the guests didn't like the cat climbing the furniture. B. Because the hosts didn't like the cat climbing the furniture. C. The story doesn't say. D. Both A and B 178. Who was the cat's owner? A. The hosts of the party. B. The guests who came to the party. C. Nobody knows. 37
  38. Đọc hiểu – Trỡnh độ B 179. When did the hosts and the guests finally relax? A. After they talked about cats. B. After they found out the cat didn't belong to any of them and put it outside. C. After they started to enjoy the dinner. 180. In the first paragraph, what does “casual” mean? A. Informal, like an informal party where you wear regular clothes. B. Formal, like a formal party, where you wear special clothes. C. Fancy, like a special party where people get dressed up. 181. In the second paragraph, what does “exceptionally friendly” mean? A. Very friendly; more than you would expect. B. A little friendly. C. Not very friendly. 182. In the third paragraph, what does “put at ease” mean? A. Made something easy. B. Made someone relax. C. Put something down. 31. TEST 31 The Man Booker Prize The Man Booker Prize for Fiction is awarded every year for a novel written by a writer from the Commonwealth or the Republic of Ireland and it aims to represent the very best in contemporary fiction. The prize was originally called the Booker- McConnell Prize, which was the name of the company that sponsored it, though it was better-known as simply the ‘Booker Prize’. In 2002, the Man Group became the sponsor and they chose the new name, keeping ‘Booker’. Publishers can submit books for consideration for the prize, but the judges can also ask for books to be submitted they think should be included. Firstly, the Advisory Committee give advice if there have been any changes to the rules for the prize and selects the people who will judge the books. The judging panel changes every year and usually a person is only a judge once. Great efforts are made to ensure that the judging panel is balanced in terms of gender and professions within the industry, so that a writer, a critic, an editor and an academic are chosen along with a well-known person from wider society. However, when the panel of judges has been finalized, they are left to make their own decisions without any further involvement or interference from the prize sponsor. The Man Booker judges include critics, writers and academics to maintain the consistent quality of the prize and its influence is such that the winner will almost certainly see the sales increase considerably, in addition to the Ê50,000 that comes with the prize. Lựa chọn cõu trả lời đỳng nhất: 183. The Republic of Ireland___. 38
  39. Đọc hiểu – Trỡnh độ B A. is in the Commonwealth B. is not in the Commonwealth C. can't enter the Man Booker Prize D. joined the Booker prize in 2002 184. The Man group___. A. was forced to keep the name 'Booker' B. decided to include the name 'Booker' C. decided to keep the name 'Booker-McConnell' D. decided to use only the name 'Booker' 185. Books can be submitted___. A. by publishers B. by writers C. by judges D. by the sponsors 186. Who advises on changes to the rules? A. The sponsors B. The judging panel C. The advisory panel D. Publishers 187. The judging panel___. A. doesn't include women B. includes only women C. is only chosen from representatives of the industry D. includes someone from outside the industry 188. The consistent quality of the prize___. A. is guaranteed by the prize money B. is guaranteed by the gender of the judges C. is guaranteed by the make-up of the panel of judges D. is guaranteed by the increase in sales of the winner 32. TEST 32 Scottish Independence The majority of people in Scotland are in favour breaking away from the rest of the UK and becoming independent, according to a poll taken just before the 300th anniversary of the Act of Union, which united Scotland and England. A pair of Acts of Parliament, passed in 1706 and 1707 that came into effect on May 1, 1707, created Great Britain. The parliaments of both countries were dissolved, and replaced by a new Parliament of Great Britain in Westminster, London. 39
  40. Đọc hiểu – Trỡnh độ B The poll showed support for independence for Scotland is running at 51%. This is the first time since 1998 that support for separation has passed 50%, and the first time since devolution gave power to the country in 1999. Six months before elections for the Scottish Parliament, these poll results come as good news to the Scottish Nationalist Party, who are hoping to make progress against Labour and further the cause of an independent Scotland. Many people have become disillusioned with devolution, and believe that the Scottish Parliament has failed to deliver what they had hoped it would; only a tenth has no opinion. In fact, only 39% of those polled want to keep things as they are. Lựa chọn cõu trả lời đỳng nhất: 189. Scotland and England___. A. have always been united B. want to break up the union C. have been united for a long time D. were united by war 190. People who want independence for Scotland___. A. are the vast majority B. are the slight majority C. are in the minority D. have decreased in number since devolution 191. The majority of people wanted independence for the first time___. A. before devolution B. in 1999 C. after devolution D. before and after independence 192. The results of the poll are good news___. A. for Labour B. for both parties C. for the Scottish Nationalist Party D. for devolution 193. The number of people who want to keep things as they are___. A. is greater than those that don't know B. is smaller than those that don't know C. is increasing D. is the majority 33. TEST 33 A few minutes ago, walking back from lunch, I started to cross the street when I heard the sound of a coin dropping. It wasn't much but, as I turned, my eyes caught 40
  41. Đọc hiểu – Trỡnh độ B the heads of several other people turning too. A woman had dropped what appeared to be a dime. The tinkling sound of a coin dropping on pavement is an attention-getter. It can be nothing more than a penny. Whatever the coin is, no one ignores the sound of it. It got me thinking about sounds again. We are besieged by so many sounds that attract the most attention. People in New York City seldom turn to look when a fire engine, a police car or an ambulance comes screaming along the street. When I'm in New York, I'm a New Yorker. I don't turn either. Like the natives. I hardly hear a siren there. At home in my little town in Connecticut, it's different. The distant wail of a police car, an emergency vehicle or a fire siren brings me to my feet if I'm seated and brings me to the window if I'm in bed. It's the quietest sounds that have most effect on us, not the loudest. In the middle of the night, I can hear a dripping tap a hundred yards away through three closed doors. I've been hearing little creaking noises and sounds which my imagination turns into footsteps in the middle of the night for twenty-five years in our house. How come I never hear those sounds in the daytime? I'm quite clear in my mind what the good sounds are and what the bad sounds are. I've turned against whistling, for instance. I used to think of it as the mark of a happy worker but lately I've been associating the whistler with a nervous person making compulsive noises. The tapping, tapping, tapping of my typewriter as the keys hit the paper is a lovely sound to me. I often like the sound of what I write better than the looks of it. Lựa chọn cõu trả lời đỳng nhất: 194. The sound of a coin dropping makes people___. A. think of money B. look at each other C. stop crossing the street D. pay attention to it 195. People in New York ___. A. don't care about emergencies B. are used to sirens C. are attracted by sounds D. don't hear loud noises 196. The writer ___. A. sleeps next to the window B. has lived in Connecticut for a long time C. believes in ghosts D. is interested in fire engines 197. He dislikes whistling because ___. 41
  42. Đọc hiểu – Trỡnh độ B A. he is tired of it B. he used to be happier C. it reminds him of tense people D. he doesn't like workers 198. What kind of sound does he find pleasant? A. tinkling sound of a coin dropping B. clinking sound of keys C. tapping of his typewriter D. creaking sounds 199. How does the writer feel about sounds in general? A. He believes they are part of our lives. B. They make him feel at home. C. He thinks they should be ignored. D. He prefers silence to loud noises. 34. TEST 34 Passage 1 We would like to welcome you to the XVZ Machinery Company's international Symposium. As you are aware, XVZ employees from over twenty countries are in affordance at this year's conference. If you would like to meet your counterparts from other countries on a more personal level, be sure to sign up at the registration desk for special dinners, lunches, or breakfast meetings that are described below. Whether you are in Personnel Sales, Management or Research, you'll be able to discuss topics of common interest with colleagues of diverse backgrounds. Find out what your Indian, Japanese, or Moroccan counterpart can suggest for your department's current problems. Help your French, Colombian, or Russian colleague with a problem that you've tackled before. Take advantage of this rare opportunity to collaborate with your international partners. All meetings will be held In Lounge B. TIME TOPIC Monday Breakfast Legal Implications of Establishing Branch Offices in Asia 7:00-9:00 Tuesday Lunch Technologies in the Former Soviet Republics. 12:00-14:00 Wednesday Dinner International Personnel issues 19:00-21:00 Thursday Breakfast New Markets in Western Europe 7:00-9:00 Lựa chọn cõu trả lời đỳng nhất: 200. Who is the conference aimed at? A. International politicians 42
  43. Đọc hiểu – Trỡnh độ B B. People learning foreign languages C. International chiefs D. Employees of a machinery company 201. What is the purpose of the notice? A. To give a list of participants B. To indicate room changes C. To announce special events D. To cancel several sessions 202. Which session would most likely deal with human resources? A. Monday breakfast B. Tuesday lunch C. Wednesday dinner D. Thursday breakfast Passage 2 If you need to cancel or change your reservation for this tour, we will refund your deposit, in full, up to thirty days prior to departure. If you need to cancel your reservation after thirty days, no refund is possible, but you may sell your place or send a friend in your place. All group reservations are subject to a 90-day cancellation policy. Lựa chọn cõu trả lời đỳng nhất: 203. What percentage of the deposit will be refunded with a 30-day cancellation notice? A. 0 B. 30 C. 90 D. 100 204. What is suggested as an alternative to cancellation? A. Joining a group tour B. Giving your place to a friend C. Traveling 30 days earlier D. Sending in a refund request 35. TEST 35 Passage 1 Darla K. Wise received her B.A. degree from Arizona State University in 1980 and her Doctorate of Jurisprudence from Harvard University in 1987. She represented sell-insured employers in Central New York for five years before joining the law firm of Corman Hagan, Wallia and White, where she has been a 43
  44. Đọc hiểu – Trỡnh độ B principal since 1990. Her practice emphasizes the representation of corporate interests in libel suits. Ms. Wise is a member of the New York Bar Association and the New York Trial Lawyers Association. The continuing education foundation of the New York Bar Association is pleased to have Ms. Wise speak to us today. Lựa chọn cõu trả lời đỳng nhất: 205. What does Darla do for a living? A. She's a lawyer. B. She's a professor. C. She's an employee of the New York Bar Association. D. She's a bar and restaurant manager. 206. What is her highest educational achievement? A. A bachelor's degree B. A master's degree C. A certificate from the New York Trial Lawyers Association D. A doctorate 207. What is her main focus in her work? A. Personal injury B. Corporate defense C. Divorce D. Education ‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐ Passage 2 Business travelers usually find they have little time to exercise, especially when their schedules are suddenly changed by late meetings or late flights. But everyone should get some exercise. There are ways to make exercise part of your day, even when you cannot make it to the hotel's exercise room. Experts suggest stretching your neck, arms, back, and shoulders while sitting in your airplane seat. At your hotel, you can stretch your legs and abdominal muscles. Then, you can run in place for a good aerobic workout. Lựa chọn cõu trả lời đỳng nhất: 208. Who would be likely to read this article? A. Overweight people B. Frequent vacation-goers C. Businesspeople who take trips D. Pilots and flight attendants 209. Why is it difficult for travelers to get exercise? A. Their schedules may change unexpectedly. B. They work too hard. C. There is no place to exercise. 44
  45. Đọc hiểu – Trỡnh độ B D. They don't want to exercise. 210. Where can you exercise if you can't go to the exercise room? A. In your meetings B. In your airplane seat C. In your car D. On the bus 211. How can you get aerobic exercise in the hotel? A. Take the stairs B. Work your abdomen C. Stretch your arms D. Run in place 36. TEST 36 Kinsey is generally regarded as the father of sexology, the scientific study of human sexuality. It is likely that Kinsey's study of the variations in mating practices among gall wasps led him to wonder how widely varied sexual practices among humans were. In 1935, Kinsey delivered a lecture to a faculty discussion group at Indiana University wherein he attacked the "widespread ignorance of sexual structure and physiology." Kinsey obtained research funding from the Rockefeller Foundation, which enabled him to inquire into human sexual behavior. His Kinsey Reports reached the top of bestseller lists and turned Kinsey into an instant celebrity. They are still the bestselling scientific books of all time. Articles about him appeared in magazines such as Time, Life, Look, and McCall's. Kinsey's reports, which led to a storm of controversy, are regarded by many as an enabler of the sexual revolution of the 1960s. Indiana University's president defended Kinsey's research in what became a well-known test of academic freedom. Lựa chọn cõu trả lời đỳng nhất: 212. This article is mostly about___. A. Kinsey's life B. Kinsey's achievements C. the father of sexology D. human sexual behavior 213. Kinsey earlier had been studying___. A. physiology B. sexual structure C. human sexual behavior D. gall wasps 214. With which of these was Kinsey not connected? A. Time Magazine. 45
  46. Đọc hiểu – Trỡnh độ B B. Rockefeller Foundation. C. Indiana University. D. Kinsey Reports. 215. Physiology is___. A. a science dealing with the functioning of organisms B. a science dealing with the mind C. a branch of physics D. the science dealing with the functioning of muscles 216. Sexology is regarded as___. A. a religion B. a revolution C. a science D. a psychology 37. TEST 37 Until the 19th century, the main sources of information about ancient Egyptian medicine were writings from ancient Greeks and Romans. Homer c. 800 BC remarked in the Odyssey, "Egyptians were skilled in medicine more than any other art". The Greek historian Herodotus visited Egypt around 440 BC and wrote of his observations. Pliny the Elder also wrote favorably of them. Hippocrates, the "father of medicine," acknowledged the contribution of ancient Egyptian medicine to Greek medicine. In 1822, the translation of the Rosetta stone finally allowed the translation of ancient Egyptian writings, including many related to medical matters. The resultant interest in Egyptology in the 19th century led to the discovery of several sets of ancient medical documents, including papyruses dating back as far as 3000 BC. Lựa chọn cõu trả lời đỳng nhất: 217. This passage is mainly about___. A. ancient Egyptian medicine B. how we learned about ancient Egyptian medicine C. ancient Egyptian medicine and Greek medicine D. ancient Egyptian papyruses 218. Homer and Herodotus were___. A. ancient Egyptian doctors B. authors C. authors of papyruses D. visitors to Egypt 219. From papyruses we have learned___. A. about the Rosetta stone B. about the "father of medicine" 46
  47. Đọc hiểu – Trỡnh độ B C. about Greek medicine D. about ancient Egyptian medicine 220. Which of the following was a historian? A. Herodotus. B. Pliny the Elder. C. Hippocrates. D. Homer. 221. "Resultant" means___. A. following as a result B. excited C. notable D. specific 38. TEST 38 Valley View Camping Ground Many seasoned tourists find they don't like staying in hotels, and that they prefer to avoid large cities. Does this description fit you? If the answer is yes, the Mountain View Camping Ground is for you. Our camping grounds overlook the spectacular Hampson Valley. We rent tents, bungalows and roulettes. If do yourself is your style, bring your own tents or roulettes. All guests enjoy access to cooking facilities, bathrooms with bathing facilities, and a playground for the children. Our panoramic setting offers a wide variety of recreation activities as well as inspiring views of the mountains. Chisom, a quaint summer-resort village, is just 10 minutes by car. Take advantage of the many entertainment, shopping and relaxation opportunities including fitness centers, laundry/valet services, solariums and much more. Have lunch in one of the many restaurants and savor the tasty local cuisine. Mountain View Camping Ground offers fun, relaxation and opportunities for all types of outdoor activities. Call us today to find out how we can make your next holiday perfect. Lựa chọn cõu trả lời đỳng nhất: 222. What type of tourist is described at the beginning of the reading? A. A first time tourist B. An old tourist C. A tourist who has traveled a lot 223. The camping grounds overlook___. A. a tall mountain B. an area between mountains C. a city center 224. What type of accommodation can you not bring with you? A. A roulette 47
  48. Đọc hiểu – Trỡnh độ B B. A tent C. A bungalow 225. Who cooks dinner? A. The guests B. The chef at the camping ground restaurant C. Doesn't say 226. What does Valley View offer besides the inspiring views? A. Laundry/valet services B. A fitness center C. Recreation activities 227. Where can tourists try the local cuisine? A. At Valley View Camping Ground B. In Chisom C. In a bungalow 39. TEST 39 Slumdog Millionaire British director Danny Boyle's latest film Slumdog Millionaire is an acclaimed feelgood film set in the slums of Mumbai, India. Slumdog Millionaire tells the rags- to-riches story of an 18-year-old orphan called Jamal who works as a tea boy in a call centre. Jamal Malik is a contestant on the Indian version of the popular TV show Who Wants to Be A Millionaire. He is one question away from winning a 20 million rupee fortune, but the jealous host suspects him of cheating and calls in the police. They find it hard to believe that a poor, uneducated boy from the slums could know the answers to such difficult questions. Jamal is arrested and taken to the police station to be interrogated. As the story of Jamal's life unfolds through flashbacks, we learn about his background and discover how he came to know the answers. At the heart of the film there is also a touching love story between Jamal and Latika, the woman he has loved since childhood and who he is now desperately searching for. The screenplay for Slumdog Millionaire was written by Simon Beaufoy who adapted it from the novel Q & A, by Indian author Vikas Swarup. Simon Beaufoy also wrote the script for the popular and very successful British comedy film The Full Monty. Slumdog Millionaire premiered in the UK and Mumbai in January 2009. Although the film was made on a shoestring budget of Ê10 million, ticket sales for the film have been remarkable. According to some estimates, the film made over Ê100 million worldwide in the run up to the 2009 American Academy Awards. The film was nominated for 10 Academy Awards in total and picked up eight Oscars on the night, including Best Film and Best Director. Lựa chọn đỏp ỏn đỳng nhất: 48
  49. Đọc hiểu – Trỡnh độ B 228. Where does the story take place? A. Slumdog B. Slumbai C. Mumbai 229. Interrogated means the same as which of these words? A. arrested B. questioned C. locked up 230. The film is based on a novel called ___? A. Q & A B. Rags to Riches C. Slumdog Millionaire 231. Who wrote the screenplay for Slumdog Millionaire? A. Simon Beaufoy B. Danny Boyle C. Vikas Swarup 232. What is the name of the woman Jamal loves? A. Latika B. Lakisha C. Latoya 233. At the start of the film, Jamal is one question away from___? A. winning a two million rupee fortune. B. winning a ten million rupee fortune. C. winning a twenty million rupee fortune. 234. Who wrote the novel that Slumdog Millionaire is based on? A. Danny Boyle B. Simon Beaufoy C. Vikas Swarup 235. How many Oscar nominations did Slumdog Millionaire get? A. eight B. ten C. four 236. How much did the film cost to make? A. ten million pounds B. a hundred million pounds C. a million pounds 237. Premieres of the film were held ___? A. in Mumbai and New York 49
  50. Đọc hiểu – Trỡnh độ B B. in London and Los Angeles C. in London and Mumbai 238. A flashback is ___? A. when the action in a film jumps to an earlier part of the story B. when the story of a film is set in the past C. when a character talks about their memories 40. TEST 40 Passage 1 Official records state that the Pueblo Indians lived in New Mexico and Arizona. The word "Pueblo" comes from the Spanish word "pueblo," meaning town or village. The Spaniards found these Indians living in apartment houses, some of them on the side of a cliff in order that they could be reached only by ladders. Whenever they were attacked by Apaches, the Pueblos would pull up the ladders. They grew corn, which they watered with water flowing down in ditches. They wove cloth, made wonderful baskets, and created jars and pots out of clay proving how skilful they were at hand- craft. Lựa chọn cõu trả lời đỳng nhất: 239. From the passage we understand that the Pueblo Indians were afraid of___. A. cliff dwelling B. Apache Indians C. apartment houses D. water flowing down in ditches E. solitary life 240. Why the Spaniards called these Indians "Pueblos" is because they ___. A. were close to the Apaches B. lived together in a town or village C. farmed and brought down water in ditches D. pulled up their ladders when attacked E. achieved fame thanks to their hand-craft 241. The Pueblo Indians lived on the side of a cliff ___. A. although they had apartment houses B. to observe the stars in the sky for rain season C. so that they could provide themselves with shelters D. and, the didn't have a lake, a stream, or a pond E. as long as they were all together Passage 2 50
  51. Đọc hiểu – Trỡnh độ B At the time of his death, many of Pablo Picasso's paintings were in his possession, as he had kept works that he didn’t need to sell. In addition, Picasso had a considerable collection of the works of other famous artists. Since Picasso left no will, his death taxes to the French state were paid in the form of his works and other works of art from his collection. These works form the core of the immense collection of the Musộe Picasso in Paris. In 2003, relatives of Picasso inaugurated a museum dedicated to him in his birthplace, Mỏlaga, Spain. The Musộe Picasso in Barcelona features many of Picasso’s early works, created while he was living in Spain. The museum also holds many precise and detailed figure studies done in his youth under his father’s tutelage as well as the extensive collection of Jaime Sabartộs, Picasso’s close friend from his Barcelona days who, for many years, was Picasso’s personal secretary. Several paintings by Picasso rank among the most expensive paintings in the world. Garỗon à la pipe sold for USD $104 million at Sotheby's in 2004, establishing a new price record. Dora Maar au Chat sold for USD $95.2 million at Sotheby’s in 2006. Picasso is the top-ranked artist, based on sales of his works at auctions. Lựa chọn cõu trả lời đỳng nhất: 242. Picasso's estate paid death taxes in the form of___. A. works of art B. real estate C. millions in currency D. funds for museums 243. The Musộe Picasso collected most works from___. A. friends of Picasso B. other museums C. Picasso's own collection D. bequests of donors 244. The article mentions that Picasso ranks first in___. A. appreciation of art critics B. donations by friends C. honors D. receipts from sales of his works at auctions 41. TEST 41 Passage 1 Have you ever wondered whether fishes drink or not? All living things must drink, and they require a fresh supply of water often. A person can go without food for many days, but he or she cannot go for long without water. Fishes drink and fishes that live in salt water must drink salt water. However, when we watch them in an aquarium and see them opening and closing their mouths, we must not assume that they are drinking. Fishes need water for its oxygen. The water that they seem to be 51
  52. Đọc hiểu – Trỡnh độ B gulping gives them oxygen, which is in the water. On the other hand, when a fish drinks, it swallows water, just in the way we do. Lựa chọn cõu trả lời đỳng nhất: 245. It is stated in the passage that a fish opens and closes its mouth ___. A. in order to get oxygen B. so as to gulp C. to drink to stay alive D. to swim in an aquarium. E. so that it can suffice salt 246. We are informed by the passage that a person ___. A. can live for a long time without water B. can live for a long time without food C. has no need for food and water D. has no need for a fresh supply of water E. does need water to get oxygen 247. When a fish drinks water, ___. A. it requires fresh water B. it swallows water just like us C. it requires salt water D. it drinks water for its oxygen E. it stays motionless for a while to swallow Passage 2 It was a man who lived before the time of Christopher Columbus that was the world's first great traveler. His name was Marco Polo. With his father and his uncle, he traveled from Italy to China, crossing mountains and deserts to get there. In China a king called Kublai Khan was pleased to see the Polos and had them live near to him. They stayed for twenty-three years. Kublai Khan sent Marco to other countries to do business for him. When Marco finally returned to Italy, he wrote all about his adventures in a book, which was read by Columbus and many other people, who also became interested in traveling to strange countries. Lựa chọn cõu trả lời đỳng nhất: 248. This story is mainly about ___. A. traveling from Italy to China B. why Polo went to the Far East C. Marco Polo and Kublai Khan D. in what ways Columbus affected Polo E. the world's first great traveler 249. We know from the story that after he turned back, ___. A. Marco stayed in Italy for twenty-three years 52
  53. Đọc hiểu – Trỡnh độ B B. Kublai Khan knew that Marco had crossed mountains and deserts C. Marco brought out a book inspiring new voyages D. Kublai Khan sent Columbus to other countries for business E. Marco set out for a new adventure 42. TEST 42 Liverpool Entente Cordiale Tours Fronted by a local guide with 35 years residence in Liverpool, Liverpool Entente Cordiale Tours (LECT) provides professional guiding services to enhance your visit to the area and to maximise your time here. With 5 years residence in France, tours are offered in French as well as in English. City, Beatles and specialised tours are available. Services for coach parties A knowledgeable commentary and ability to answer your clients’ questions provides an ideal introduction to the World Heritage Site of Liverpool and enables them to get the most of their free time. A guided tour of the City highlights can be booked as a stand-alone tour or in conjunction with to one or both of the Cathedrals or to one of 8 National (free) Museums in the area. Popular extensions to the guided tour include trips to the football stadiums of Anfield or Goodison, to Beatles attractions such as Penny Lane or to the beautifully restored Sefton Palm House. If your clients have a special interest, guided tours can be tailor-made at no extra charge. Afternoon teas, meals and transport can also be arranged on request. A new tour - guided commentary on trips to the Classic Resort of Southport or Port Sunlight was introduced in 2008. In addition to traditional guiding services, Liverpool Entente Cordiale Tours' tour guides can provide an accompanying service, assistance at hotel check-in, collection from the airport, station or your hotel and assistance to visiting delegations. Guided Walks To see the city in more depth, why not offer your clients a guided walk of Liverpool? Guided Walks can be tailored to your requirements but popular walks include: • The UNESCO World Heritage waterfront • Between the 2 Cathedrals (Hope St Quarter) • Beatles: the Cavern Quarter and Mathew St area • The 7 Medieval Streets of Liverpool • Victorian and Edwardian Murder in Liverpool • Modern Art in Liverpool • City of Light - Liverpool at night • Welsh Liverpool • The Baltic Triangle and China Town • Henry Tate: Philanthropist and Entrepreneur 53
  54. Đọc hiểu – Trỡnh độ B • The Liver Bird Trail - a look at some of the city's many Liver birds • Refreshments, afternoon tea and meals can also be arranged. Want to know more or ask for a no-obligation quote? Contact: 079 4461 7477 or email: liverpool08guide@yahoo.co.uk. Lựa chọn cõu trả lời đỳng nhất: 250. How long has LECT's tour guide lived in Liverpool? A. 5 years B. It doesn't say C. 35 years 251. Which of these things does LECT not offer to provide for coach parties? A. Collection from the airport B. Refreshments on request C. Assistance at hotel check-in 252. Which of these football stadiums isn't mentioned in the text? A. Anfield B. Goodison Park C. Tranmere Rovers 253. Which of these is mentioned as a popular extension to the guided tour? A. A trip to Strawberry Fields B. A trip to Penny Lane C. A trip to John Lennon airport 254. What languages are guided tours offered in? A. English, French and Spanish B. English and Spanish C. English and French 255. How can you contact LECT if you want to find out more? A. By email B. By phone or email C. By phone 256. What does LECT stand for? A. Liverpool English Coach Tours B. Liverpool England City Tours C. Liverpool Entente Cordiale Tours 257. LECT's tour guide lived in France for___? A. It doesn't say B. 35 years C. 5 years 258. Which of these is not mentioned as a new tour for 2008? 54
  55. Đọc hiểu – Trỡnh độ B A. Cains Brewery B. Southport C. Port Sunlight 259. How many free Museums are there in Liverpool? A. Eight B. Five C. None 260. Which of these is a popular guided walk, according to the text? A. Widnes, Old and New B. Modern Art in Liverpool C. Toxteth at Night 261. What tours of Liverpool cathedrals do they offer? A. Tours of the Metropolitan cathedral B. Tours of one or both of the cathedrals C. Tours of the Anglican cathedral 43. TEST 43 Tarzan of the Apes Edgar Rice Burroughs wrote a very famous story called Tarzan of the Apes. This story involves a shipwreck on the West coast of Africa. The passengers on the ship include a certain Lord and Lady Greystoke from England. Lord and Lady Greystoke are the only survivors of the shipwreck. Lord Greystoke builds a kind of shelter high up in the trees - a tree house - for his pregnant wife and does his best to make them comfortable in their new jungle home. Lady Greystoke gives birth to a boy. They call the boy John. Unfortunately, she dies and leaves Lord Greystoke to take care of the baby on his own. Lord Greystoke is killed by an enormous ape that comes to investigate the strange house in the trees. The baby is left all alone. Fortunately, a female ape, whose baby has recently died, finds the human baby alone in the tree house. Even though the baby is white and hairless, she feels a mother's love for it and begins to feed and take care of it. She becomes John's mother. John - who later takes the name Tarzan, never having known his real identity - grows strong and powerful living among the apes. He has the advantage of human intelligence and eventually grows up to be leader of the apes and, eventually, lord of the jungle. The books tell many stories of Tarzan's adventures in the jungles, his fights with savage animals, his encounters with other human beings (many of whom are as dangerous as the animals) and his re-discovery of his true identity. Tarzan eventually teaches himself to read by returning to the tree house where he was born and finding some children's books that his parents brought from England. He later finds out who he really is (an English Lord!) and travels to England to visit his home, where he falls in love with a young woman called Jane. Lựa chọn đỏp ỏn đỳng nhất: 55
  56. Đọc hiểu – Trỡnh độ B 262. How many people escape from the shipwreck on the African coast? A. One B. Two C. Three D. Four 263. Where is Tarzan during the shipwreck? A. He is in the jungle. B. He is in a tree house. C. He isn't born yet 264. Who is John? A. Lord Greystoke B. Tarzan C. A large ape 265. Who brings up the baby? A. A female ape B. Lord Greystoke C. Lady Greystoke 266. Why does Tarzan become Lord of the Jungle? A. He can speak English. B. He kills many apes. C. He has human intelligence. 44. TEST 44 Dear Jean-Luc, How are you? I am having a great time on my trip around the world. This time, I'm writing to you from India. I've been away from home for almost five months and I've learned about some interesting customs. Sadly, I've also embarrassed myself a few times and offended a few people. For example, one afternoon in Thailand, I threw away some rice that I couldn't finish. A few people saw me throw the rice in the garbage and they were all very offended. I didn't realize that rice is so respected in Thailand. It's also bad manners to step over rice. In fact, it's considered very offensive to have your feet at a higher level than any kind of food or to use your feet to point at someone. I'm coming to Europe next and I'm looking forward to seeing you. I don't know much about customs in European countries and I don't want to offend anyone while I'm there. Can you teach me a few things when I arrive? For example, should I leave a tip when I eat at a restaurant? Will I embarrass anyone if I insist on picking up the tab at dinner? Someone told me that in Germany, it's polite to keep both wrists on the table while you're eating. Is that true? 56
  57. Đọc hiểu – Trỡnh độ B I'm sure that I'll have more questions when I arrive in Paris in two weeks. Thank you for inviting me to stay with you. I really appreciate it. Please allow me to treat you to dinner when I get there. You've treated me a million times, so I insist. Yours truly, James Lựa chọn đỏp ỏn đỳng nhất: 267. James was in ___ when he wrote this letter. A. Thailand B. Paris C. India 268. James has been ___ for almost five months. A. in India B. traveling C. writing 269. In Thailand, James offended people when he ___. A. threw his rice away B. stepped over a bowl of rice C. didn't pay for his rice 270. James says that he ___. A. knows a lot about European customs B. doesn't know a lot about European customs C. doesn't want to know about European customs 271. James will be staying ___. A. at the Hotel Cosmos in Paris B. with Jean-Luc in India C. with Jean-Luc in Paris 272. After James arrives in Paris, he wants to ___. A. buy dinner for Jean-Luc B. teach Jean-Luc about American customs C. go to a German restaurant 45. TEST 45 In March 1928, Walt Disney took a train home to Los Angeles from New York city after a business trip. On his way home, he wrote a letter to his brother Roy. Read the fictional letter below. When you finish reading, answer questions that follow. March 20, 1928 Dear Roy, 57
  58. Đọc hiểu – Trỡnh độ B I have an idea for a new cartoon character. Yesterday on the train, I made sketches of a mouse and I thought it was a great idea for a new cartoon! It is a very simple design made of three circles. My wife named him Mickey Mouse. Sounds good, doesn't it? I think people will love it. This new mouse character is the answer to our problems! We need to produce cartoons quickly and cheaply. I have a plan for a new process that saves time and money. Each group of artists works on a different part of production. We will be the first art studio to use an assembly line. The lead artist makes the most important drawings. Then, I say yes or no to the sketches before we spend money on production. Mickey is easy to draw so the junior artists can reproduce the drawings quickly. We will hire more animators when I get home. This will be the best animation in the film business! See you soon. Your brother, Walt Lựa chọn đỏp ỏn đỳng nhất: 273. Walt Disney got the idea for the new character while he was on a plane. A. True B. False 274. Mickey Mouse is difficult to draw. A. True B. False 275. Walt Disney's new production plan ___. A. is slow and expensive B. is fast and inexpensive C. takes a lot of time 276. Each group of artists draws different things. A. True B. False 277. The lead artist ___. A. does the important drawings B. designs the character C. draws the animals 278. Which part of the process comes first? A. Walt Disney says yes or no to the sketches. B. The junior artists draw the character. C. The lead artist draws the character. 279. Walt Disney Productions needs more employees A. True B. False 46. TEST 46 58
  59. Đọc hiểu – Trỡnh độ B A Cold Day It is a frigid January day in York, Pennsylvania. The temperature is below freezing. Snow is starting to fall. Dr. James turns on the television to check the weather. He must leave for his work at the hospital soon. “Today is going to be very cold,” says the TV weatherman. “Be sure to wear very warm clothes when you go outside. Also, be careful driving on the roads. Snowfall will make them slippery. In fact, if you can stay home today, do it!” Dr. James cannot stay home. Very sick people are waiting to see him at the hospital. He goes to his closet. He takes out the warmest clothes he has. He puts on a sweater, jacket, gloves, socks, boots and a hat. He opens his front door to go to work. A gust of cold air blows inside. “Wow, it is very cold outside,” Dr. James says. He is from Miami and does not like the cold. “The weatherman was right!” Before he can drive to work, Dr. James must clear the snow off his car. He does this very fast. He hops in the car. He shivers. His neck feels especially cold. Dr. James drives slowly to work. Everyone else is driving slowly, too. There is a lot of traffic on the road. There are cars in front and behind. Suddenly, the cars in front of Dr. James come to a stop. There has been an accident! Dr. James hurries from his car to check on the driver of the car that has swerved off the road. “Is everyone okay?” Dr. James asks. “Yes, yes, we are fine. We slipped on a patch of ice,” the driver says. “This would have been a good day to stay home in bed.” Lựa chọn đỏp ỏn đỳng nhất: 280. What does it mean if the weather is frigid? A. It is very cold. B. It is very rainy. C. It is very windy. D. It is very slippery. 281. In what city does this story take place? A. Florida B. Miami C. Pennsylvania D. York 282. Why doesn't Dr. James stay home today? A. There are sick people waiting for him. B. He does not believe the weatherman. C. He has to clear the snow off his car. D. He must help the people in the accident. 283. What could Dr. James have put on his neck to keep it warm? A. mittens 59