Tiếng Anh - Phần: Từ vựng (trình độ A)

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  1. TRÌNH ĐỘ A: PHẦN TỪ VỰNG Hãy chọn phương án đúng nhất (A, B, C hoặc D): 1 We locked the animals in the cage to ___ them from getting away. A. avoid B. hinder C. object D. prevent 2 You're ___ your time trying to persuade him; he'll never help you. A. wasting B. spending C. losing D. missing 3 Their last cook was better than their ___ one. A. current B. former C. latter D. instant 4 I don't see any ___ in arriving early at the theatre if the show doesn't start until 9 o'clock. A. cause B. aim C. point D. reason 5 Is there ___ bread for all the sandwiches we have to make? A. correct B. enough C. plenty D. equal 6 Teaching is not a(n) ___ which pays very well. A. post B. work C. employment D. occupation 7 There was nothing to ___ him with the burglary until the police found a gold ring in his car. A. link B. fix C. place D. join 8 The manufacturers are advertising a new ___ of soap powder. A. mark B. brand C. pack D. box 9 Shall I use this ___ to fry the eggs? A. pan B. kettle C. dish D. tin 10 He ___ being given a receipt for the bill he had paid. A. asked to B. demanded C. insisted on D. required 11 These cars originally had two doors but the latest ___ has four. A. brand 1
  2. TRÌNH ĐỘ A: PHẦN TỪ VỰNG B. mark C. model D. pattern 12 He ___ that he had been involved in the decision not to attack the enemy position. A. declined B. refused C. rejected D. denied 13 It's an awful ___, your wife couldn't come. I was looking forward to meeting her. A. harm B. sorrow C. shame D. shock 14 There is a fault at our TV station. Please do not ___ your set. A. change B. adjust C. repair D. switch 15 The managers agreed to ___ the question of payment. A. balance B. control C. discuss D. increase 16 I am sorry, I opened your handbag but I ___ it for mine. A. mistook B. confused C. recognized D. imagined 17 The ___ of these volunteers for hard work is amazing. A. ability B. capacity C. capability D. efficiency 18 The bank won't lend you the money without some ___ that you will pay it back. A. profit B. interest C. charge D. guarantee 19 When you come tomorrow, why not ___ your brother with you? A. fetch B. take C. bring D. carry 20 We have no ___ in our files of your recent letter to the tax office. A. account B. memory C. list D. record 21 When his aunt died, he ___ a lot of money from her. A. earned B. inherited C. paid D. spent 22 Give her a telephone number to ring ___ she gets lost. A. whether 2
  3. TRÌNH ĐỘ A: PHẦN TỪ VỰNG B. in case C. unless D. perhaps 23 He was very upset by the ___ of his English examination. A. result B. failure C. effect D. success 24 The Government's action caused the rate of inflation to ___ sharply. A. lift B. raise C. advance D. rise 25 This is not the right ___ to ask for my help; I am far too busy even to listen! A. moment B. situation C. opportunity D. circumstance 26 I hadn't seen George for years, but when I saw him in the street, I ___ him at once. A. reminded B. realized C. remarked D. remembered 27 The cat was so frightened that it ran ___ the bed to hide. A. beside B. along C. inside D. under 28 He was unable to ___ his niece's wedding as he was ill. A. be present B. visit C. attend D. assist 29 She bought red shoes to ___ her red dress and handbag. A. pair B. match C. equal D. mate 30 I don't think I'll beat him. I'm out of ___. A. fitness B. game C. play D. practice 31 He is a very ___ person, but he has absolutely no sense of humour. A. amusing B. entertaining C. enjoyable D. pleasant 32 The school arranges a ___ to Brighton every year. A. rout B. trip C. passage D. travel 33 There were no lifeboats on the ship because it was ___ to be unsinkable. A. argued 3
  4. TRÌNH ĐỘ A: PHẦN TỪ VỰNG B. claimed C. believed D. told 34 This church was ___ by the famous architect, Archbald Sparrow. A. outlined B. designed C. produced D. composed 35 The bank manager ___ me to open a deposit account as soon as possible. A. warned B. advised C. suggested D. approved 36 If students are to understand the notice, the instructions must be ___ clearer. A. wrote B. made C. got D. done 37 ___ you like what I want to do or not, you won't make me change my mind. A. Whether B. When C. Because D. If 38 Doctors usually have to study for at least seven years before becoming fully ___. A. tested B. qualified C. examined D. proved 39 We flew to the island, then ___ a car for three days and visited most places of interest. A. lent B. bought C. hired D. charged 40 In America, surgeons have given a man a(n) ___ heart. A. unreal B. false C. pretend D. artificial 41 The company made a record ___ last year. A. benefit B. earn C. profit D. wage 42 I had to give a full ___ of my camera when I reported it stolen. A. account B. detail C. information D. description 43 Jim's version of the facts doesn't ___ with the version I heard from Jules. A. argue B. amount C. accord D. arrive 44 I will ___ the idea with the other teachers and see what they think about it. A. explain 4
  5. TRÌNH ĐỘ A: PHẦN TỪ VỰNG B. argue C. discuss D. talk 45 I won't ___ those children making a noise in my house! A. allow B. have C. let D. permit 46 According to the doctor, there's absolutely nothing the ___ with you. A. wrong B. problem C. matter D. illness 47 I'm sorry, but I like my eggs soft ___, not hard. A. cooked B. steamed C. boiled D. watered 48 I'd like to take this ___ of wishing you all the best of luck with your exams. A. chance B. possibility C. occasion D. opportunity 49 Learners of English as a foreign language often fail to ___ between unfamiliar sounds in that language. A. separate B. differ C. distinguish D. solve 50 Father would not ___ us to go there for the weekend. A. let B. permit C. agree D. consent 51 The smell was so bad that it completely ___ us off our food. A. set B. took C. got D. put 52 Although he hasn't said anything, he ___ to be upset about it. A. acts B. shows C. behaves D. seems 53 We very much ___ that you will come to dinner next Friday. A. wish B. want C. like D. hope 54 How long does it usually ___ to get home in the evening? A. need B. need you C. take you D. demand 55 We had to drive carefully because the road was icy in several ___. 5
  6. TRÌNH ĐỘ A: PHẦN TỪ VỰNG A. blocks B. places C. pieces D. bits 56 He ___ me to take a lawyer to court with me. A. advised B. suggested C. threatened D. insisted 57 The explorers walked all the way along the river from its mouth to its ___. A. cause B. well C. source D. outlet 58 He soon received promotion, for his superiors realised that he was a man of considerable ___. A. ability B. possibility C. future D. opportunity 59 It is ___ knowledge in the village that Mr. and Mrs. Thorne quarrel violently several times a week. A. common B. complete C. normal D. usual 60 After Joe's mother died, he was ___ up by his grandmother. A. brought B. taken C. grown D. drawn 61 Why don't you do something worthwhile with your time instead of ___ it! A. spending B. using C. wasting D. passing 62 The police have issued ___ to local shopkeepers to be on the lookout for thieves. A. complaints B. warnings C. advice D. information 63 If you require any more ___ about the holiday, please telephone us. A. description B. information C. news D. fact 64 Before you take on the job, will you give me a rough ___ of how much it will cost? A. esteem B. estimate C. realisation D. value 65 How old do you have to be ___ you can drive a car? A. when B. before C. until 6
  7. TRÌNH ĐỘ A: PHẦN TỪ VỰNG D. since 66 He has to arrange for the ___ of his furniture before he goes abroad. A. sale B. sole C. seal D. veil 67 The little girl wouldn't go into the sea ___ her father went too. A. except B. but C. also D. unless 68 The ___ part of the week is always busy for me. A. front B. start C. early D. near 69 She ___ to take her neighbour to court if he didn't stop making so much noise. A. promised B. threatened C. offered D. suggested 70 You mustn't be angry with her. It wasn't her ___ that she was late. A. blame B. error C. mistake D. fault 71 Our neighbours ___ their hedge cut once a year. A. make B. do C. have D. fix 72 Tom always calls himself Tom Williams, but his ___ surname is Winterbottom. A. natural B. present C. current D. real 73 If you keep trying, you might ___ to do it. A. succeed B. discover C. understand D. manage 74 They promised to write ___ we never heard from them again. A. but B. except C. although D. because 75 I ___ to him for my bad behaviour. A. apologised B. coped C. excused D. forgave 76 Ever ___ he was in junior school, Nicholas has wanted to become a doctor. A. after B. always C. next 7
  8. TRÌNH ĐỘ A: PHẦN TỪ VỰNG D. since 77 It was on the top shelf, out of ___. A. achievement B. arrival C. attempt D. reach 78 Computers are supposed to ___ time, but I'm not so sure they do! A. spare B. save C. spend D. waste 79 ___ goes the bus; now we will have to walk! A. On time B. At once C. There D. Early 80 I phoned the bank to ___ how much money there was in my account. A. control B. inspect C. test D. check 81 The new secretary in the sales department is a fast typist but her letters are full of spelling ___. A. wrongs B. faults C. tricks D. mistakes 82 I would like to offer a small ___ to anyone who finds my missing dog. A. receipt B. repayment C. expense D. reward 83 The Prime Minister has ___ to win the last three General Elections. A. managed B. succeeded C. achieved D. attained 84 People demand higher wages because prices are ___ all the time. A. rising B. progressing C. growing D. exceeding 85 Buy the new ___ of soap now on sale: it is softer than others! A. model B. brand C. mark D. manufacture 86 I ___ him to go to the Lost Property office to see if his umbrella had been found. A. advertised B. advised C. announced D. noticed 87 What do you mean he's watching television? He's ___ to be washing the car. A. supposed B. hoped 8
  9. TRÌNH ĐỘ A: PHẦN TỪ VỰNG C. expected D. thought 88 The shop assistant was ___ helpful, but she felt he could have given her more advice. A. entirely B. exactly C. quite D. totally 89 The meal was excellent; the pears were particularly ___. A. flavoured B. delicious C. tasteful D. desirable 90 Are there any seats left for this evening's ___ of "Carmen"? A. act B. acting C. opera D. performance 91 As I have been ill, I have had no ___ to discuss the plan. A. possibility B. suitability C. opportunity D. ability 92 There are three lawyers in our town and I have consulted ___ of them in turn. A. each B. every C. any D. other 93 The course was so difficult that I didn't ___ any progress at all. A. make B. do C. create D. produce 94 The bus ___ from High Street to the Station Road is 30p. A. cost B. fare C. payment D. charge 95 Before the invention of refrigeration, the ___ of fish and meat was a problem. A. keeping B. preservation C. treatment D. maintenance 96 Yes, sir. I'll ask Mr. Smith to ___ to you as soon as he returns. A. ring B. speak C. call D. contact 97 If we go to the market, we might find a ___. A. shopping B. chance C. bargain D. trade 98 The plane was ___ by two hours because of bad weather. A. delayed B. postponed 9
  10. TRÌNH ĐỘ A: PHẦN TỪ VỰNG C. put off D. rearranged 99 Could you lend me some money? I'm very ___ of cash at the moment. A. down B. scarce C. short D. empty 100 The ___ were told to fasten their seat belts as the plane began its descent. A. customers B. riders C. flyers D. passengers 101 There are ___ trains running today because of the go-slow. A. fewer B. less C. little D. scarcer 102 She isn't ___ well with the new manager. A. getting on B. going on C. keeping on D. taking on 103 If that firm wants to attract workers, it must ___ the pay. A. lower B. raise C. spread D. rise 104 The funeral will be ___, and only members of the dead man's family will attend. A. peculiar B. particular C. private D. alone 105 I am sorry that I can't ___ your invitation. A. take B. accept C. agree D. have 106 When he was a boy, he was always willing to join in a ___ of football. A. match B. play C. game D. group 107 The next ___ of the committee will take place on Thursday. A. seating B. group C. collection D. meeting 108 She ___ 20 pounds out of the bank every Monday. A. pulls B. draws C. takes D. removes 109 Although he has ___, his poor writing often clouds his thoughts. A. a good penmanship B. excellent ideas 10
  11. TRÌNH ĐỘ A: PHẦN TỪ VỰNG C. good grammar D. good instructors 110 When he was questioned by the police, the thief didn't ___ the truth. A. say B. reply C. answer D. tell 111 To get money for some purpose is to ___. A. raise it B. donate it C. promote it D. increase it 112 On the ___ to the town, there is a beautiful wood. A. direction B. street C. way D. entrance 113 If something is out of order, it is ___. A. not in working condition B. old-fashioned C. off-limits D. fashionable 114 After the battle, the ___ soldiers were helped by those who could walk. A. damaged B. wounded C. broken D. killed 115 I do ___ I could speak French well. A. know B. want C. wish D. like 116 If you take a train or a bus, you must pay a ___. A. tip B. fare C. fee D. commission 117 My old cat died last year, and I still ___ her. A. lack B. fail C. miss D. lose 118 We ___ her a happy birthday. A. wished B. said C. told D. wanted 119 You can see a second-hand car only if it is in reasonably good ___. A. guarantee B. state C. condition D. standing 120 He hoped the appointment would enable him to gain greater ___ in publishing. A. experience B. work 11
  12. TRÌNH ĐỘ A: PHẦN TỪ VỰNG C. jobs D. employment 121 Your room is a mess! ___ it up at once! A. Arrange B. Make C. Tidy D. Do 122 They were making enough noise at the party to wake the ___. A. people B. population C. dead D. company 123 Can you ___ me 5$ until next week? A. borrow B. let C. lend D. rent 124 The managers agreed to ___ the question of payment. A. balance B. control C. discuss D. increase 125 When he left school, John decided to ___ a priest instead of studying languages. A. change to B. become C. train for D. study 126 Your brother is very tall. What is his exact ___? A. size B. length C. breadth D. height 127 He is a man who won't ___ his promise. A. destroy B. run C. break D. hurt 128 ___ that he only started learning two years ago, his English is excellent. A. Considering B. Accounting C. Thinking D. Imagining 129 There is ___ that I may have to go into hospital next week. A. an opportunity B. bad luck C. a possibility D. fate 130 He always wore a shirt with an open ___. A. colour B. tie C. collar D. top 131 I have learned all the irregular verbs ___. A. from memory B. by the heart 12
  13. TRÌNH ĐỘ A: PHẦN TỪ VỰNG C. in the memory D. by heart 132 The soldiers were put in prison because they ___ to obey orders. A. refused B. rejected C. denied D. objected 133 This young tree could not have been damaged by accident: I believe it was done ___. A. in fact B. on purpose C. by appointment D. by plan 134 He ___ me to buy my air ticket immediately or it would be too late. A. convinced B. insisted C. advised D. suggested 135 He got out of bed and took a few ___ but couldn't go any farther. A. stages B. starts C. steps D. actions 136 His performance was ___; the audience was delighted. A. unmarked B. faultless C. worthless D. imperfect 137 I'm sure I'll find a way of getting ___ their objections. A. with B. towards C. round D. away from 138 The firm went bankrupt and their shares became ___. A. priceless B. unworthy C. invaluable D. worthless 139 Could you ___ me ten pounds until next payday? A. let B. provide C. borrow D. lend 140 Many kinds of ___ animals are disappearing or have already disappeared from the earth. A. brave B. wild C. unfriendly D. angry 141 When he heard the terrible noise, he asked me what was ___ on. A. happening B. being C. getting D. going 142 Do you ___ my turning the television on now? A. mind B. disapprove 13
  14. TRÌNH ĐỘ A: PHẦN TỪ VỰNG C. want D. object 143 Where do you ___ going for your holidays this year? A. intend B. expect C. pretend D. mean 144 I am very ___ your society and should like to have more details. A. concerned about B. interested in C. involved with D. absorbed by 145 ___ what he says, he wasn't even there when the crime was committed. A. Following B. Listening to C. According to D. Hearing 146 The national ___ is the national song of the country. A. music B. melody C. anthem D. celebration 147 The young girl carefully ___ left and right before crossing the road. A. watched B. glanced C. stared D. looked 148 You really can't ___ a thing that woman says! A. believe B. rely C. count D. imagine 149 I should like to become a(n) ___ of your club. A. fellow B. associate C. member D. colleague 150 I knew him ___ I was child. A. until B. when C. though D. during 151 Some authors are too ___ to critisism. A. sensible B. sensitive C. sensational D. senseless 152 After a lot of difficulties, he ___ to open the door. A. managed B. succeeded C. obtained D. realized 153 She was ___ TV when the phone rang. A. seeing B. watching 14
  15. TRÌNH ĐỘ A: PHẦN TỪ VỰNG C. looking D. noticing 154 I forgot to ___ him to buy some bread. A. remember B. repeat C. remind D. let 155 I read an interesting ___ in a newspaper about farming today. A. article B. advertisement C. description D. composition 156 We all ___ him good luck when he decided to emigrate. A. told B. wished C. said D. gave 157 He ___ being given a receipt for the bill he had paid. A. asked to B. demanded C. insisted on D. required 158 When the house is not occupied, it is ___. A. rented B. timid C. valueless D. vacant 159 If we are thinking of having a day in the country, I should like to listen to the weather ___. A. statement B. spell C. forecast D. recording 160 I bought a single ticket only on the bus, but my friend bought a ___ one. A. double B. new C. second D. return 161 How much would you ___ for repairing my watch? A. charge B. cost C. pay D. spend 162 I'm sorry I ___ your party: I was away at the time. A. lost B. failed C. passed D. missed 163 Her parents were very ___ because she was out so late that night. A. responsible B. sorry C. worried D. overcome 164 When you do a favour for someone, don't expect anything ___. A. in return 15
  16. TRÌNH ĐỘ A: PHẦN TỪ VỰNG B. instead C. in place D. in recompense 165 The cow had lost its own calf, but the farmer persuaded it to ___ one whose mother had died. A. choose B. adopt C. undertake D. collect 166 I don't think that red dress ___ her. A. suits B. matches C. cheers D. agrees 167 Take this road and you will ___ at the hotel in five minutes. A. arrive B. come C. find D. reach 168 Could you please tell me if you have any electric typewriters ___? A. in store B. in order C. in supply D. in stock 169 I wouldn't believe what she says. She sounds very convincing but she's just a fast ___. A. talker B. eyes C. one D. ride 170 Don't touch that wire or you may get an electric ___. A. shock B. current C. attack D. feeling 171 A person who says things that are not true is a ___. A. liar B. drunkard C. tailor D. patient 172 The country has a system of ___, most of which date from the nineteenth century. A. watercourses B. canals C. rivers D. streams 173 I had quite ___ on my way to work this morning. A. an experiment B. an adventure C. a happening D. an affair 174 John is a good worker: he works very ___. A. hardly B. hard C. good D. many 175 Let's ___ a party! 16
  17. TRÌNH ĐỘ A: PHẦN TỪ VỰNG A. do B. have C. set D. make 176 How much time do you ___ your homework? A. make at B. bring to C. give for D. spend on 177 His landlady doesn't ___ of his having parties. A. appreciate B. support C. approve D. agree 178 Come tomorrow and ___ your books with you. A. take B. bring C. fetch D. hold 179 This year the farmers were just able to gather in the ___ before the fine weather came to an end. A. collection B. seed C. plant D. harvest 180 Aeroplanes ___ and land every minute. A. get off B. get up C. fly up D. take off 181 ___ the price, they are prepared to pay. A. However B. Whichever C. Whatever D. Whoever 182 I hope he's ___ to buy some bread; there's hardly any left. A. reminded B. proposed C. suggested D. remembered 183 Many accidents in the home could be ___ if householders gave more thought to safety in their houses. A. avoided B. excluded C. protected D. preserved 184 Susie didn't leave for the station until the very ___ moment. A. latest B. least C. late D. last 185 When are you going to give back that money you ___ me? A. lend B. owe C. borrow 17
  18. TRÌNH ĐỘ A: PHẦN TỪ VỰNG D. debt 186 Each ___ of the family had to take it in turns to do the washing up. A. individual B. character C. member D. person 187 Children and old people do not take kindly to having their daily ___ upset. A. habit B. method C. routine D. custom 188 A young art student acted as our ___ when we visited the National Gallery. A. coach B. conductor C. guide D. lead 189 I'm afraid this computer package is totally ___ for our organization. A. undeniable B. unsuitable C. unspeakable D. unmistakable 190 The Chairman was so angry with the committee that he decided to ___ from it. A. cancel B. postpone C. resign D. prevent 191 I want to see all of you here tomorrow morning at nine o'clock without ___. A. fail B. fault C. late D. miss 192 He ___ escape from the prison by dressing up as a guard, and then crossed the border by train. A. could B. was able C. succeeded in D. managed to 193 It was impossible for her to tell the truth, so she had to ___ a story. A. invent B. combine C. manage D. lie 194 The child woke up crying because she had ___ a nightmare. A. had B. seen C. dreamt D. felt 195 Didn't it ever ___ to them that they would be punished? A. occur B. happen C. enter D. strike 196 One ___ of his job is that it is near where I live. A. goodness B. advantage 18
  19. TRÌNH ĐỘ A: PHẦN TỪ VỰNG C. pleasure D. preference 197 This is a photograph of the school I ___ when I lived in Swindon. A. used B. assisted C. joined D. attended 198 Many accidents are caused by ___ driving. A. harmless B. careless C. harmful D. careful 199 He ___ very quickly after his illness. A. recovered B. discovered C. uncovered D. covered 200 The President made a wonderful ___. A. message B. talk C. lecture D. speech 201 He ___ going by plane instead of hovercraft. A. persuaded B. agreed C. suggested D. convinced 202 The guide walked so ___ that most of the party could not keep up with him. A. fast B. quick C. rapid D. lively 203 ___ he wasn't feeling very well, Mr. Graham went to visit his aunt as usual. A. Although B. However C. Therefore D. Still 204 You'll have to hurry because the ___ train leaves in ten minutes. A. latter B. last C. latest D. least 205 There was a beautiful, small hotel standing ___ hundreds of palm trees near the beach. A. in B. between C. around D. among 206 As the two teams were ___ at the end of the game, they had to play again to decide the winners of the competition. A. correct B. equal C. exact D. fair 207 I have often ___ why they went to live abroad. A. wondered 19
  20. TRÌNH ĐỘ A: PHẦN TỪ VỰNG B. surprised C. thought D. puzzled 208 Is there a bank where I can ___ these pounds for dollars? A. exchange B. turn C. alter D. arrange 209 The chief of police said that he saw no ___ between the six murders. A. joint B. connection C. communication D. join 210 Would you ___ passing this book to Sue, please? A. want B. agree C. mind D. accept 211 There's ___ to be frightened of the dog; he's quite harmless. A. a fear B. no fear C. no need D. any reason 212 Her father won't ___ her drive his car. A. allow B. let C. leave D. permit 213 The competitors in the car rally had to follow the ___ laid down by the organisers. A. address B. direct C. progress D. route 214 On our ___ to France, the car broke down twice. A. going B. way C. voyage D. road 215 He has adopted three orphans ___ his own six children so that, altogether, he has nine children to provide for. A. besides B. except C. beside D. in place of 216 After the party the children was allowed to finish off the ___ sandwiches and cakes. A. additional B. leaving C. remaining D. left 217 We would very much ___ a reply by the end of the month. A. expect B. require C. appreciate D. value 218 When he heard the joke, he burst into loud ___. 20
  21. TRÌNH ĐỘ A: PHẦN TỪ VỰNG A. smiles B. laughter C. amusement D. enjoyment 219 The Government should be spending money on new hospitals ___ than on defense. A. other B. rather C. better D. instead 220 I was very ___ of myself for forgetting Mother's birthday. A. disgraced B. ashamed C. shy D. shocked 221 It's difficult to tell the twins apart because the look exactly the ___. A. alike B. similar C. identical D. same 222 When the manager went to Canada on business, his ___ took over all his duties. A. caretaker B. officer C. deputy D. commander 223 It's difficult to pay one's bills when prices keep ___. A. rising B. growing C. gaining D. raising 224 But why did the police suspect you? It just does not make ___ to me. A. reason B. right C. sense D. truth 225 He went to Australia hoping to find a teaching ___ without too much difficulty. A. work B. occupation C. employment D. post 226 They travelled to Spain by the most ___ route. A. easy B. direct C. straight D. unique 227 The Director has just gone on his ___ leave. He gets four weeks' holiday a year and he is taking it all at the same time. So if you wish to see him, come back in a month's time. A. annual B. temporary C. regular D. permanent 228 To my ___, inflation is a far greater danger than nuclear arms. A. mind B. opinion C. belief D. view 21
  22. TRÌNH ĐỘ A: PHẦN TỪ VỰNG 229 I took that faulty kettle back to the shop where I'd bought it and asked the ___ if they would change it for me. A. clerk B. attendant C. assistant D. official 230 You will spend at least one year working abroad ___ you can find out how things operate overseas. A. because B. so as to C. so that D. as long as 231 I think he is ___ his time looking for a job there; they are not taking any staff on at present. A. wasting B. losing C. spending D. missing 232 I was pleased to see how ___ she looked after her recent illness. A. right B. pleasant C. well D. nice 233 Shall we ___ across this field instead of going by the road? A. set B. take C. come D. cut 234 It's rude to interrupt when someone else is ___. A. discussing B. remarking C. saying D. talking 235 She's the best assistant I've ever had. I couldn't ___ for a better one. A. abide B. agree C. average D. ask 236 I'm sorry we're late; it's all my ___! A. guilt B. crime C. fault D. wrong 237 I chose these curtains because they are my ___ shade of red. A. favourite B. popular C. fancy D. lovable 238 Two other ___ in his argument for his country's independence are worth a mention. A. notices B. points C. effects D. reports 239 Several soldiers were ___ wounded in the battle. They needed a lot of help. A. completely 22
  23. TRÌNH ĐỘ A: PHẦN TỪ VỰNG B. hardly C. seriously D. utterly 240 ___ experience of working in an office environment is essential for this job. A. Earlier B. First C. Initial D. Previous 241 For a long time after the accident, he suffered from constant ___ in his back. A. hurt B. ache C. pain D. injury 242 Unexpectedly the lights ___ out and we were left in the darkness. A. turned B. put C. went D. gave 243 I don't ___ to see her again until next Tuesday. A. think B. wait C. attend D. expect 244 The bank manager agreed to give me 200$, ___ the 500$ he had already lent me. A. extra to B. according to C. in addition to D. surplus to 245 What do you usually ___ for delivering things? A. demand B. charge C. cost D. price 246 The three friends all ___ for the same job. A. requested B. chose C. applied D. referred 247 Our plane was ___ for over four hours because of fog. A. delayed B. postponed C. landed D. cancelled 248 I have to be careful which soap I use, because my skin is very ___. A. sensible B. senseless C. sensational D. sensitive 249 He's intelligent but he ___ common sense. A. wants B. fails C. misses D. lacks 250 I am very ___ in information about your company's holidays. A. concerned 23
  24. TRÌNH ĐỘ A: PHẦN TỪ VỰNG B. interested C. interesting D. bored 251 You should ___ a lawyer before you sign that document. A. counsel B. check C. consult D. communicate 252 You can take a horse to water, but you can't ___ it drink! A. make B. allow C. compel D. see 253 He is a little bit ___ in his left ear, but if you speak clearly, he will hear what you say. A. disabled B. deaf C. diseased D. dead 254 Several of the explorers did not survive the terrible ___ across the desert. A. excursion B. journey C. step D. travel 255 Heavy snowfalls have ___ all trains. A. cancelled B. postponed C. delayed D. omitted 256 They would ___ go by air than spend a week travelling by train. A. always B. rather C. prefer D. better 257 Everyone felt ___ for Mr. Atkins when he lost his job at the factory. A. discontent B. sad C. sorry D. unhappy 258 What ___ will this decision have on the future of the club? A. result B. effect C. answer D. purpose 259 She worships the sun and ___ she always spends her holidays in Greece. A. nevertheless B. accordingly C. yet D. however 260 People wore ___ they liked to the party: it was very casual. A. everything B. nothing C. anything D. something 261 Put the salt in the water and let it ___ before adding the vegetables. A. dissolve 24
  25. TRÌNH ĐỘ A: PHẦN TỪ VỰNG B. melt C. soften D. mix 262 She rang to make an early ___ at the hairdressers. A. order B. date C. assignment D. appointment 263 Mike was the ___ in his family; all his brothers were much taller. A. lowest B. shortest C. slightest D. littlest 264 Could you buy a cake please ___ John and Mary come this afternoon? A. if only B. because C. on account of D. in case 265 One ___ of public transport is its unreliability. A. disappointment B. disadvantage C. disorder D. dislike 266 Did you know that Vanessa is ___ a baby? A. hoping B. wishing C. expecting D. waiting 267 The main ___ to progress is not technical but political. A. prevention B. obstacle C. clash D. reverse 268 The best rooms in that hotel ___ the bay. A. view B. regard C. overlook D. examine 269 He was ___ to steal the money when he saw it lying on the table. A. attracted B. dragged C. tempted D. brought 270 My father ___ me to learn English when I was a child, but never forced me. A. let B. persuaded C. compelled D. heard 271 We are ___ him to arrive at any moment. A. waiting B. hoping C. expecting D. wishing 272 I've made an appointment for 10 o'clock. Is that ___ for you? A. fit 25
  26. TRÌNH ĐỘ A: PHẦN TỪ VỰNG B. appropriate C. convenient D. right 273 The police ___ the kidnapper from escaping by blocking all exits. A. prevented B. encouraged C. allowed D. avoided 274 My aunt and uncle always quarrelled about their tea; she liked it strong but he wanted it ___. A. feeble B. weak C. small D. poor 275 Getting divorced was a ___ decision for us to make, but I'm sure it was the right one. A. hard B. firm C. strong D. large 276 Mr. Smith was ___ in a road accident. A. wronged B. wounded C. injured D. damaged 277 Your progress will be ___ in six months' time. A. counted B. evaluated C. valued D. enumerated 278 He's a wonderful cook: he can make a delicious ___ out of almost anything. A. flavour B. food C. meal D. plate 279 In a greengrocer's shop, there is a lot of ___ when fruit and vegetables are not sold. A. rot B. waste C. ruin D. rest 280 I'll have to ___ to you, otherwise he will hear. A. shout B. say C. whistle D. whisper 281 The concert was so ___ that the audience went to sleep. A. bored B. boring C. exhausted D. tired 282 When Mike entered the room, he looked rather pale and in ___ of a shave. A. lack B. need C. want D. necessity 283 The traffic lights ___ to green, and the cars drove on. 26
  27. TRÌNH ĐỘ A: PHẦN TỪ VỰNG A. exchanged B. turned C. removed D. shone 284 I ___ you that I had no intention of offending you. A. convince B. persuade C. guarantee D. assure 285 Take this road and you will ___ at the hotel in five minutes. A. arrive B. come C. find D. reach 286 They talked for three days before finally ___ to a decision. A. reaching B. coming C. bringing D. arriving 287 Can you ___ me a good pill against airsickness? A. advise B. suggest C. recommend D. propose 288 They were really ___ about my idea of joining them in London. A. enthusiastic B. keen C. interested D. willing 289 The bank will ___ you the money if you are prepared to pay them eight per cent interest on it. A. borrow B. lend C. make D. possess 290 My employer's ___ of my work does not matter to me at all. A. meaning B. belief C. opinion D. expression 291 We're in good time; there's ___ to hurry. A. unnecessary B. no purpose C. no need D. impossible 292 Companies have to consider the age of the population when they are ___ new staff. A. recruiting B. enrolling C. enlisting D. raising 293 Now that he has retired, he lives partly on his pension and partly on the ___ on his post office savings account. A. income B. wages C. dividend 27
  28. TRÌNH ĐỘ A: PHẦN TỪ VỰNG D. interest 294 Will you ___ me to go to the bank in the morning? A. remind B. suggest C. remember D. propose 295 The children did not know the ___ by which the game was played. A. facts B. customs C. orders D. rules 296 It's a very nice drink; I'm sure you would like it if you ___ it. A. tested B. proved C. tried D. surveyed 297 You can't miss my house: it's ___ the fire station. A. against B. opposite C. across D. aside 298 If no one ___ to the plan, we will start next week. A. minds B. avoids C. objects D. argues 28