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  1. thi ti ng Anh t Nam - Vietinbank V trí: Tín d ng Thi ngày 5/12/2010 A Choose the best answer 1. She rang to make an early ___ at the hairdressers a. Appoinment c. Order b. Assignment d. date 2. One ___ of the public transport is its unreliability a. Disorder c. disappoinment b. Dislike d. disadvantange 3. I am afraid ___ mentioning it to him a. Of c. at b. In d. to 4. The by-laws say that all dogs ___ be kept on a lead in the park a. Ought c. need b. Must d. have 5. I will ask him to come if I ___ him a. Will see c. saw b. see d. have been 6. If he s not back ___ mid night, I am going to phone the police a. By c. on b. Untill d. Till 7. I would go to the America if I ___ time to do it a. Will have c. have b. Would have d. had 8. I am very ___ in information about your company s holiday a. Interested c. Concerned b. Interesting d. Bored 9. You should ___ a lawyer before you sign the document a. Counsel c. consult b. Check d. Communicate 10. The play was very long, but there were two ___ a. Intervals c. Gaps b. Rests d. Interruptions 11. How much have you borrowed ___ me already ? a. Of c. Off b. From d. On 12. The government should spend money in new hospital ___ on defense a. Other c. better b. Rather d. instead 13. I am afraid I know nothing about the fight for independence. It was ___ . a. Behind the time c. before my time b. As the same time d. For the time being Giangblog www.giangblog.com
  2. B - c hi u c ph n này. là: t v FED C c d tr liên bang M , nói v c u trúc, v u hành ti n t . tr l i 4 câu tr c nghi m i. Nói chung là khá d . Vì ch c suy 1 chút là ra h t. C Vi t l i câu i th t 1. Her expenses / get / higher / everymonth. 2. I / rather / stay / home / tonight / go / cinema. 3. Kathy / suggest / her husband / tonight / go / cinema 4. I / have / my car / wash / yesterday 5. Customer / want / open / account / name / John Smith. D Vi t l i câu v i t g i ý 1. Im having a lot of trouble new because I lost my passport last week If I 2. It is believed that the man escaped in a stolen car The man is 3. Mike said that: I m quite sure it s broken Mike said that 4. They should have finished the work The work 5. When does the bank close ? Can you tell me Giangblog www.giangblog.com